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Best Methods To Choosing Divorce Lawyers

Such is the stress and anxiety that is taking place for people going through a separation, the last issue they want to be contemplating is the selection of one of many of the divorce lawyers in Sydney market themselves locally. Yet this is the reality for individuals who require representation in a court of law, with so much at stake for their long-term wellbeing and that of their family.


From property settlements to child custody hearings, prenuptial agreements, de facto relationships, restraining and consent orders, there is a multitude of service varieties that these specialists provide. The question comes down to their relevance, field of expertise and how well they will operate for your particular circumstances.


Here we will examine the best methods of selecting one of the divorce lawyers in your area that will garner the best possible result. Nothing is guaranteed in the heat of a legal battle, but having a representative that undertakes their due diligence first requires you to do the same.

Budgetary Concerns


If you are prepared to go to court following a separation, that decision should be made with your finances firmly in mind. Divorce lawyers that make this fact evident from the get-go should be appreciated from this standpoint because there are operators in the past who take advantage in these situations. Whether they be on an hourly rate or on a retainer of some description, the client has a right to know how much they need to invest and for how long.

Referrals and Credentials


Similar to that of other professionals who are vying for your business, divorce lawyers must make transparent their referrals from previous clientele as well as their credentials. Each solicitor will require an official license and outline exactly where they sought their degree from. The representative will also derive a position in the firm, at the top as a partner or just as a solicitor who operates within the firm. Consider their experience and what others in a similar position have said about their process and mostly importantly, the results they achieve in court.

Case Studies


Divorce lawyers should be able to go one step further than just publishing their credentials that offer a snapshot or summary of previous cases. They should be able to walk through case studies where the client reached out under particular circumstances as they illustrate how a positive outcome was able to be garnered. This will speak to experience as well as a capacity to get the job done in the most efficient manner possible.

Personal Interactions and Gut Feeling


Amid all of the boxes that should be ticked before a final choice is made on the solicitor, divorce lawyers should be selected on instinct from the consultations between themselves and the client. Should they be distracted by external influences or provide advice that is contrary to your expectations and standards, then those red flags should be immediately addressed. The representative must give you 100% of the attention when they have your case in their hands. Anything less is worthy of a dismissal as you examine other options within the firm or outside it altogether.




Trying to source divorce lawyers from a wide field is certainly not an exact science. Each one will market themselves as the best in the business despite only a few actually possessing those qualities. What they must be able to provide is expertise for your case with proof of past success, complete transparency on financial demands and past history, as well as a gut feeling that speaks to a connection between solicitor and client. If those markers are positive, then each and every one of the divorce lawyers out there can be satisfied they are doing right by their client.