Best Online Marketing Tips For Twitter

Given the success of Facebook and Instagram to generate hype with the marketing community, Twitter can be a forgotten member. Having recently expanded from 140 to 280 characters, brands today have more scope than ever before to inform, engage and promote whatever their heart desires.


The trick in this environment is to understand the intricacies involved, because Twitter is unlike any other outlet online. Fortunately there are a few key strategies that have proven to be a success.

Twitter Analytics


Whatever technique you decide to use during your Twitter marketing, there will be peaks and troughs when it comes to your success rate. That is perfectly normal given the context, timing and execution of these strategies. What must not be overlooked is the ability to read and absorb data in real time and this is possible with Twitter Analytics. From followers to mentions, impressions and profile visits, brands can gauge the cut-through on an hourly basis and make alterations when this information becomes available.

Money In The Twitter Lists


The Twitter community is diverse and widespread, meaning that your followers can likely be fitted into different categories. This can be curated depending on age, geography, sex or any other metric that is important to your marketing profile. Allocate members on these points of difference and tweet to them certain pieces of content or messages you believe will score greater impressions with that subsection.



One of the greatest tools at the disposal of an online marketer with Twitter is to embark upon more business-to-business (B2B) campaigning. By leveraging off the success of different organisations, you can generate more eyeballs on the timeline of users without having to orchestrate an audience entirely of your own making.

Interact With Consumers


They call it social media for a reason, right? Twitter is unlike many other applications in this field because it allows the rich, famous and powerful the same privilege as anyone else, operating purely under 280 characters where accounts reply, retweet, follow, mute and block one and other.


Do not be frightened or cautious to the point where you leave the mention box unchecked. See the activity that is occurring and engage with followers. Retweet and follow the positive feedback and discuss points of difference with others. If you believe that is too sensitive or the manner of the discussion is not suitable for public discourse, open up a direct message thread. Keep the talk and activity going though, because static accounts are not attractive from the outside looking in.