Sourcing Keywords For Your Online Marketing Campaigns

Online marketers and SEO experts alike require keywords to be the lifeblood of their campaigns. These are terms that act as signals to draw in traffic, setting a domino effect that will hopefully end in higher streams of clicks, shares, impressions and ultimately revenue.


Yet how do you source these critical keywords? How to decide between a term or phrase that is potentially too generic or too niche for your audience to locate your brand?


This balancing act will be an ongoing concern for all enterprises, but those that follow a set of core practices will get ahead of the game.

Keyword Planner


Whether you are a Google account holder or prefer an alternative brand that services your keyword needs, the most important step to undertake is research. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to this endeavour and no substitute that will suffice here. Marketers must accumulate all keywords that are on the page and plug them into the system. This will produce a series of up to the minute results based on competition, price, relevance and overall currency, i.e. the expected return on investment. That is a platform in which all decisions can be based from.

Competitor Research


Competitor research is a vital element for any online marketer as they study the brands that are succeeding and understanding for what makes best practice. Perhaps they are utilising keywords based on geography in the headings and tags? Maybe the meta descriptions are including major brand names and labels? Whatever the case is, you should have an in-depth insight into the niche and how it is performing and evolving with keywords online.

Related Search Terms Index


If you are an authority on your niche, you will know a category and grouping of relative keywords. However, that might be limited to a dozen or so and once there is a need to expand, the repertoire is exhausted. Here is where a basic Google search can do the work for you, where a related search term icon will produce a list of alternatives at the foot of each page. Take note of these and see what your consumers are looking for.

Trending Topics


As customer search habits shift and evolve from day to day, it is vital to checking breaking news and seeing what is changing in your niche. Social media applications such as Facebook and Twitter are ideal in this respect and whilst a topic might only have a short lifespan for a keyword, they are able to be leveraged for greater visibility for a window of time.

Best Online Marketing Tips For Twitter

Given the success of Facebook and Instagram to generate hype with the marketing community, Twitter can be a forgotten member. Having recently expanded from 140 to 280 characters, brands today have more scope than ever before to inform, engage and promote whatever their heart desires.


The trick in this environment is to understand the intricacies involved, because Twitter is unlike any other outlet online. Fortunately there are a few key strategies that have proven to be a success.

Twitter Analytics


Whatever technique you decide to use during your Twitter marketing, there will be peaks and troughs when it comes to your success rate. That is perfectly normal given the context, timing and execution of these strategies. What must not be overlooked is the ability to read and absorb data in real time and this is possible with Twitter Analytics. From followers to mentions, impressions and profile visits, brands can gauge the cut-through on an hourly basis and make alterations when this information becomes available.

Money In The Twitter Lists


The Twitter community is diverse and widespread, meaning that your followers can likely be fitted into different categories. This can be curated depending on age, geography, sex or any other metric that is important to your marketing profile. Allocate members on these points of difference and tweet to them certain pieces of content or messages you believe will score greater impressions with that subsection.



One of the greatest tools at the disposal of an online marketer with Twitter is to embark upon more business-to-business (B2B) campaigning. By leveraging off the success of different organisations, you can generate more eyeballs on the timeline of users without having to orchestrate an audience entirely of your own making.

Interact With Consumers


They call it social media for a reason, right? Twitter is unlike many other applications in this field because it allows the rich, famous and powerful the same privilege as anyone else, operating purely under 280 characters where accounts reply, retweet, follow, mute and block one and other.


Do not be frightened or cautious to the point where you leave the mention box unchecked. See the activity that is occurring and engage with followers. Retweet and follow the positive feedback and discuss points of difference with others. If you believe that is too sensitive or the manner of the discussion is not suitable for public discourse, open up a direct message thread. Keep the talk and activity going though, because static accounts are not attractive from the outside looking in.

Profitable Online Business Ideas

In 2018 there are still many tried and tested brands that are delivering the essentials. From plumbers to caterers, technicians and accountants – there will be constants in the marketplace that never fluctuate given the nature of their work.

Yet there are emerging products and services that are beginning to showcase themselves and here is where a business idea can become incredibly profitable.

Here we will discuss some of the key new online business ideas that have illustrated a recent track record in garnering tangible success.

App Developer

Whether it be Apple or Android, the smartphone has revolutionised how modern business is done, both from the perspective of the enterprise and the consumer. The ability then of a brand to craft applications to operate on these devices becomes paramount as freelance developers design a service that delivers the necessary features for the customer. This industry is booming and there is no sign of it slowing down in the short to medium term future.

Social Media Consultancy

Want to enjoy all the benefits brought about by social media, but don’t have the time or expertise to execute a campaign properly? This is where a social media consultancy comes into play. Yes there are services such as Hootsuite available to host all accounts under one banner and while they offer analytics, they stop short of designing and crafting campaigns that fit the brand in question. Consultancy operation that specialise in this department are seeing tremendous growth.

3rd Party Customer Service

Outsourcing customer service is now fairly common practice among many businesses that need to invest their resources into other departments that absorb most attention in the short-term. Successful organisations in the world of commerce have to engage in correct practice when it comes to customer service in an age where ratings and reviews are major gauges to authenticity and quality. Companies continue to seek outside help to see their customers receive the duty of care they warrant while their programs are being focused on internally. It is a win-win scenario.


Blogging is something of the Wild West on the web whereby amateurs and professionals alike can craft content and trade on ideas from all corners of the globe. Whatever the language and whatever the discipline, there is always something to write about and always someone out there willing to read it.

The beauty of this practice lies in its versatility and ability to be monetised. Paid posts and paid review are common practice, and that is before Ad clicks and impressions come into the equation. The trick to begin with is sourcing an audience, then it is leveraging that insight where the real money is made.

Why Email Should Be a Priority For Your Online Marketing Ventures

In an age where Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter are dominating so much of the online marketing landscape, it can be easy to overlook the power of email. By lacking the added features and bells and whistles that come with those social media applications, email looks to be old news.


Do not buy into that trope for one moment. Not only is it comparable to those outlets, but it carries a series of benefits that social media sites could only dream of obtaining one day.


So why invest time and resources into email marketing campaigns?

Professional Credibility


Studies and research into online marketing continue to identify email as the number one option of choice for consumers. Brands happen to build more credibility by opting for this model, given that there is a direct mode of communication to the end user whereby the business voice is showcased through their presentation to the individual. Authenticity is still a major driving factor for online success and while it is an intangible, email clearly holds favour for those that you need to impress.

More Direct and Personal Than Alternatives


A post on a timeline, a tweet or a YouTube video is nice, but it does not address the user directly. A cost efficient email marketing campaign that speaks to the individual with a direct message makes the experience more personable for the recipient, whether they would like to acknowledge that fact or not. The hardest task in advertising is garnering a response from consumers and email is the strongest means yet of achieving results.

Less Limitations


Twitter has 280 characters. Facebook has limitations. YouTube only allows so much bandwidth. Instagram only allows images or short videos. Email is essentially open slather where a brand can broadcast as much or as little as they so choose. That is a fantastic attribute that brands can leverage should they wish to offer information that would otherwise be stifled on other outlets.

Timed To Schedule


Content that is uploaded onto a timeline can be manipulated on social media feeds whereby the most recent is not always at the top of the agenda. This is different in email as companies can curate a timed schedule that optimises when their customers login and engage them immediately. Whether that is a 9am on a Tuesday or an early afternoon on a Thursday, an email marketing campaign can be crafted around the schedules of their users to drive engagement figures.

Why Customer Service Matters To Your Online Marketing Campaign

Customer service and marketing can be considered two vastly different fields. Yet they do happen to overlap more than businesses care to admit and in a digital landscape that is evolving and diverse, these disciplines happen to have a lot in common.


It is imperative that every digital enterprise firstly respects the need to have a customer service presence, but also appreciate and acknowledge how it can benefit your online marketing endeavours.

Adding Value


One of the great lessons that online marketers are taught from the get-go is to add value for their consumer base. Whether it is through quality content, extra promotions or educational videos and articles that informs the consumer, brands need to offer their clients maximum amount of value at all times. This is where customer service comes into play because an outlet that has a superior operation in this field will see more traffic as a result. When queries are answered and problems are resolved, that is value that cannot be manufactured. It is entirely organic.

Boost To Social Media Standing


Social media is an environment that is helps the consumer and the brand to have direct engagement. Whether that is positive, negative or otherwise, these profiles offer an open communication pathway. Here is where resources that could be thrown at a large and expensive customer service operation can be diverted to a social media presence that helps the customer to be informed and responded to in real time. Sites like Facebook will inform the user as to the response time and the healthier this is for the organisation, the better standing they are in for visibility and overall reach to the marketplace.

Time Engagement


A crucial element for search engine optimisation (SEO) is the capacity of a website to keep their core audience engaged. In other words, it is not purely down to the amount of clicks a brand can generate, but how long they can maintain their attention at any one time. A thorough and well executed customer service platform is a means of addressing this challenge head on.

Reviews and Ratings


This is the lifeblood of online marketers in the age of the shared economy. Users trust other users and the rating out of 5 and the comments section for customer satisfaction is paramount. The more positive reviews, the greater the capacity to draw in more members. Ratings and reviews are central to every online marketing endeavour and they cannot be ignored. A customer service model that functions well will counteract most grievances.

Top Marketing Tips For YouTube

Video marketing is pure gold. For online marketers who need great content that attracts new eyeballs and keeps that attention for long spans of time, video has the advantage over every other form of media.


This is why YouTube as a social media platform is so popular. Here is an outlet that offers every brand a chance to shine but rather than simply flying blindly off into a marketing endeavour, you are better served in the long-term to take note of how successful organisations reach their targets on this platform.

Take Competition Notes


Research is an underutilised aspect that translates across the entire field of online marketing. Seeing how a brand can sit at the top of a search list by engaging in some clever techniques will really give you a more comprehensive picture and some lessons to learn. YouTube is not an intricate and complicated beast that must be tamed, it is simply a tool where some basic principles must be adhered to. Note the major players in your niche and see how they have curated a following that you strive to achieve.

Compatible for HD


Standard definition video is old news. Given the rapid speed of progress with desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphone brands like Samsung, iPhone and Blackberry, streaming high definition is paramount. Ensure whatever video you produce is available in high definition because more users have access to this option following the growth of WiFi and 4G internet options.


Interactive, Educational or Both


Every YouTube video should be crafted with a purpose in mind. Is the goal to educate the consumers on a new product or service? Is it an update or a chance to showcase something new and revolutionary? If it ticks none of those boxes and the target is to drive online metrics, make it a fun and interactive experience. Let the marketing department loose and have fun with it.

Ace The Headline


There is a major search engine optimisation (SEO) component that comes inherent with YouTube publishing. As well as the tags and descriptions that round out a post just as a URL would for a domain name, the headline for a video should be on-point and draw the searcher into watching the video. In this example, a YouTube video would be put in plain English to achieve the best possible outcome: “YouTube Marketing Tips For Your Business.” See this field from the perspective of the end user – if you were searching for your brand, what would you type into the search bar? This is why the headline is so vital.

Things to consider when choosing a digital agency in Sydney

With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to choose the right digital agency in Sydney for your business. The right decision could depend on the type of service you’re looking for or the price of services.

With digital marketing now a key factor in business advertising and visibility, it’s important that you keep ahead of the game by choosing a suitable digital agency in Sydney for you!

Whether you’re a small business delving into online services the first time or someone recovering from a bad marketing specialist experience, here are some things for you to consider in your search for a digital agency in Sydney!

Range of services

Not sure what strategy to take for your business? Maybe it’s best to consider a digital agency in Sydney that has a range of services to make the process of trialing easier and ensure you get the best result possible.

By choosing a marketing firm that has multiple services available, you know that they are trained across all areas and knowledgeable of the online possibilities that marketing can have.

If you want to take advantage of multiple services such as SEO, social media management, and PPC, you should choose a firm with varied options. This can increase the efficiency of your business’ online presence as having one firm managing your web presence is convenient regarding consultation times and your agency’s acquaintance with your business.

Lock-ins and fees

Check to see if the digital agency in Sydney you are considering has lock-in contracts or any hidden fees. Many agencies can try to take advantage of clients by offering services on a contract-only basis. This should be a warning sign for your business.

Check the reviews available and talk with your digital agency in Sydney to ensure that you have a clear understanding of the costs required to get the results you want.

Longevity of results

You don’t want the culmination of all your money and investment to be temporary. It can be hard to determine whether their marketing web services can offer results that are long-lasting.

Your best bet is to ensure that their methods are not spam-based and that their content is reliable and authentic. You can also check their customer reviews to see if their past clients were happy with their work.

Accessibility and locality

While online marketing services are based on work administered over the web and don’t necessarily require in-person consultation, it’s always good to have that option on hand. Finding a suitable digital agency in Sydney will often involve finding a firm that is accessible and communicative to you.

That way, you know that your marketing specialist knows what you want and there are no communication issues.

Monitoring your progress

Similarly, you’d probably want a digital agency in Sydney that is transparent and allows you to easily monitor the progress made on your online presence. That way you know that they are open with the results that occur.

Choosing a firm that allows you to monitor your website’s progress will provide insight on how your business is performing online.

Remember to check the validity and trustworthiness of your options. A good sign that the firm you have chosen is legitimate is if they are partnered with major websites like Google, Facebook, or Bing.

Deciding on the right digital agency in Sydney for you can be hard, especially if you are new to the online marketing scene. The tips above will help you in ensuring you don’t get trapped into a contract you can’t get rid of!

Things to know about no doc commercial loans

An old adage is that you need to spend money to make money, and for everyone trying to manage their own business, this seems very much true. While many people may benefit from borrowing money, not everyone has the right documentation to get the deal they need, and this is where no doc commercial loans come in handy.

As the name implies, no doc commercial loans require no paperwork to prove income to the lender. There are some obvious benefits and disadvantages to getting a no doc commercial loan so those who are considering it should think carefully and find out if their circumstances are the most appropriate for this kind of borrowing solution.

Let’s take a look at the top things to know about no doc commercial loans.

Why would I need one?

At the most basic level, the reason for getting a no doc commercial loan is because you can’t produce the adequate income history to borrow traditionally. This could be for a range of reasons, but primarily people who are self-employed with limited financial history find themselves accessing this borrowing option.

The people who primarily use no doc commercial loans are:

  • Self-employed people
  • Startup businesses
  • A business that has a complicated structure
  • A business that fails to demonstrate a high income, usually because they are re-investing fund back into the business

Due to the inherent higher level of risk associated with no doc commercial loans, they will almost always have higher interest rates attached to them. You’ll also often be required to provide some kind of security for the borrowed amount, such as an asset that can serve as collateral.

How much can be borrowed?

Without proving any income, you can normally borrow up to 65% of the property’s value. Some people can even qualify for a no-doc commercial loan when they have bad credit history.

How does a no doc commercial loan work?

This type of borrowing arrangement is often referred to as an “asset lend” because the bank is primarily anchoring their risk around the stability and value of your security assets rather than your ability to repay.

This requires the borrower to sign a declaration that confirms you are knowledgeable about the repayments and are able to afford them. Normally, you won’t have to demonstrate your income at all but you may be able to get a better interest rate if you are able to.

Because of the nature of the lend, you won’t need to give any supporting paperwork such as business activity statements, accountancy letters, bank statements or tax returns. There may however be other paperwork related to the property itself, any existing amounts you have borrowed and the evidence of your security deposit.

You are permitted to use the money for investments in property, investments in shares or for using as working capital. The money is not allowed to be used on personal expenses or residential property because then the borrowed money would need to be regulated by the NCCP.

If it’s regulated by the NCCP (National Consumer Credit Protection Act) then the lender will need to make sure of your income, at which point it would no longer be a no doc commercial loan.

Should you get a no doc commercial loan?

Your suitability for no doc commercial loans depends on the aforementioned factors that are individual to your circumstances. Primarily, this borrowing option is born out of necessity for those who have no other means to prove their income or have some other complicated reasoning.

Due to the higher interest rates and reliance on collateral assets, these borrowing options might not be the most appropriate for those who aren’t confident they can meet the repayments. Ultimately there is a trade-off when it comes to borrowing without robust paperwork behind it.


Great occasions for corporate gifts and merchandise

Handing out corporate gifts and merchandise is an important step in gaining clients and consumers’ trust and loyalty towards your business. Of course, it is not about bombarding them with these items as it can become overwhelming and annoying to constantly be receiving corporate gifts and merchandise from a specific business.

Finding the right corporate gifts and merchandise for the right occasion can be a really powerful marketing tool. Below is a list of occasions that are ideal situations for handing out gifts and merchandise.

Trade Shows

This is probably one of the more traditional environments for corporate offerings as it is an opportunity for people to really engage with and learn about your business.  Having a small offering in these circumstances provides the ideal connection for the customer or client to the business so that they remember their experience and are reminded of the company’s services.

A constant reminder of the company’s services or products to the consumer results in free, ongoing marketing for the firm an means that they are likely to choose that brand or product over another.

Employee recognition

Having corporate gifts and merchandise readily available at all times is a great way to ensure that there is always something valuable around to present to employees who have shown tremendous effort or reach a milestone.

Showing your employees that you care and value them as a member of your team and company is a great way to maintain and potentially increase their output whilst encouraging them to strive for greater heights within the firm.

Customer or client appreciation

Being able to show your customers and/or clients that you appreciate their loyalty and constant communication encourages them to continue to do so and go the extra mile for your business. Corporate gifts and merchandise are a great way of doing this as they are sure to remember who gave it to them but it also acts as a token of appreciation.

An offering that is able to both act as a gift and a small marketing opportunity is the ultimate win for your company. Customer appreciation is extremely beneficial not just for the short term of your business but the long term.

New product or service launch

Any business that is launching a new product or service should be eager to get it into the hands of consumers or clients. Word of mouth has been shown to be the most effective form of marketing for businesses leading a recommendation or sample into a conversion and continued purchases.

Offering corporate gifts and merchandise with or through the use of samples is a great way to encourage people to give the new product or service a try. This is designed to then convert people to continue to use the new product or service on a regular basis.

Promotional efforts

Beyond the above, there are so many more opportunities for companies to invest in corporate gifts and merchandise for their consumers and/or clients. When encouraging people to sign up to a newsletter or purchase a new product or even just to by a certain amount of a product, firms will often include a form of corporate gift or merchandise such as a towel, backpack etc. as a further incentive.

In the majority of instances these offerings made in conjunction with a promotion may be small but include items that can be used on a regular day-to-day basis. These incentives are another example of the huge benefit of a gift in that not only are people incentivised to buy their product, but they are also reminded on a daily basis of the company and the services or products that they offer. This results in continued marketing to that buyer free of charge for the company.

What to look for when hiring a digital marketing expert

Digital marketing experts in today’s industry must be highly skilled and have experience and flexibility in what is a rapidly growing and changing area of business.

A digital marketing expert must now be more knowledgeable and skilled than a traditional marketing guru as they require additional skills online as well as the face-to-face and outdoor skills that are representative of the traditional workspace.

There is now a greater challenge and greater urgency in constantly be innovating and updating your methods in order to stay relevant and competitive. When finding a digital marketing expert for your business, there are a few things that should be on the top of your list.

Paid social media advertising experience

If they don’t have the experience in what is the most prominent and important aspect of ecommerce then it is going to require a lot of learning. Social media is at the forefront of ecommerce due to its ability to reach virtually everyone in the world having started with a friend.

Having adequate social media skills is crucial to the success of your ecommerce campaigns and therefore a digital marketing expert must have experience in this area.

Sales skills

Marketers are essentially getting people to buy it just may not be a direct conversation. As a result, you need to know how to sell. These digital marketing experts are essentially selling your product via an advertisement or brand image and therefore they need to have strong sales skills so that they can think like a salesperson.

Specific marketing channel experience

There are so many different channels used in today’s industry that you need to have detailed experience with them in order to be able to manage them all at once.

Having a strong understanding of a number of ecommerce channels means that they can be used effectively and powerfully to reach your business goals. They are all extremely useful when utilised appropriately but can be a waste of time and money if they are only used to a portion of their full capacity.

Objective thinker

As a digital marketing expert, you need to be able to think outside the box. Hiring someone who is constantly agreeing with and thinking similarly to everyone else is going to lead to a repetitive and one dimensional operation.

Strong analytical skills

As much as creating and executing the campaign is important, if a digital marketing expert doesn’t have strong analytical skills then all the good work is going to go down the drain. Being able to improve what isn’t working and invest further in those elements that are is one of the easiest ways to get ahead of your competition.

Someone who is able to get to the crux of the data, understand it and implement improvements and adjustments will mean that ROI is high.

Basic design skills

Whilst the message and content are important in communicating, having some basic design skills will ensure that your efforts are interesting and engaging. An ecommerce optimisation expert needs to be able to create basic designs and videos to really grab the audience’s attention.

Good story-telling ability

Being able to tell a story is critical to drawing consumers in and getting them to understand the business and what they offer. People become involved in a good story and want to be a part of it so a digital marketing expert with a good story-telling ability will see your business benefit.

The ability to adapt and change

With such rapid developments happening all the time, a digital marketing expert must have the ability to adapt and change to current trends and developments in order to stay at the top of their game.