The Accounting Internship Industry

How an Accounting Internship can Help You

Internships can be helpful in a multitude of ways – especially in Accounting where the field is so competitive. Being an area where there is a high amount of Graduates while job opportunities are limited, students are always thinking about how they are able to get ahead of the competition. One of the most common ways for students to do this are internships and this is what students generally turn to.

Internships in Accounting can be an extremely effective way to learn. Take into consideration that Accounting knowledge is different when applied, meaning that having hands on experience not only allows you to gain a deeper understanding for the topic you are learning but also allows you to understand what the Accounting career pathway is really about. It can allow you to gain understanding of an additional dimension within the Accounting field complimentary to your theory-based work learned at University or College.

Sometimes we have a different perception thinking that a specific professional pathway would be more interesting until we actually go into the role and realise that it may not be as interesting as we once thought. This is where an internship comes in, as it provides us with a taste of what the Accounting industry is really about. Some may find this profession more appealing as a result of an internship while some realise that accounting may not be the direction they would want to go.

Accounting is also made up of a wide range of areas such as Auditing and Tax, and may cross over into Payroll where there are many more duties involved. Areas like Tax and Auditing are specialisations within Accounting and may be overwhelming for fresh students when it comes to choosing which area of Accounting they would like to go into.

Internships can come in and help as a student is able to learn the ropes in a supportive environment without too much pressure or intimidation. With such exposure, Accounting internships can ultimately allow you to gain experience and an alternative perspective, along with deeper appreciation for various roles.

A common question that is asked by students undertaking an internship is “What will I be doing in my internship?”

In short, this generally varies from one firm to another. The answer I like to give is that there are benefits to all size firms for many reasons. Whilst the connotation might be that smaller size firms are not able to offer much training, I say that this statement is quite contrary to facts!

accounting internship
You will learn a lot from your internship.

Having personally worked within smaller firms and organisations, I have actually found that the general mentoring within these firms is more tailored, personal and more guidance-focused.

In addition to learning about your industry, another key benefit that can be identified is the additional skills you may pick up – whilst you may have no experience in Human Resources, you may be exposed to ad-hoc elements of it such as sitting in interviews, helping coordinate hiring and contributing to policy amendments.

In saying this, larger sized organisations are not the bad guys. Don’t get me wrong. Internship experiences in larger firms can be and are just as valuable. Again, the connotation is that because you will have worked for a big name, you will be a stronger candidate – but that is not your selling point to employers when applying for positions in future.

Rather, the selling points can be your overall exposure to working alongside a large range of employees, thus showcasing your ability to work within and alongside a team environment, a possibly increased exposure to more software tools and be working on tasks with higher stakes.

All in all, we shouldn’t discriminate between internships for different sized firms as any option will definitely add value to your experience.

The duties that you should expect from Accounting Internships should be a representational aspect of an Accountants role – so don’t expect to experience everything in one go! Some of you may find your start head-first in meeting with the organisations clients, whilst others might start off shadowing an Accountant working in an Accounts Assistant role.

Ultimately, keep in mind that uniqueness has its advantages – extra additional skills you pick up in your Accounting internships can make great additions to your resume and or great interview conversation so always give opportunities a go as you never know what invaluable lesson you might learn from your next opportunity.

How Custom Printing Services Can Help People Stay on Top of Their Industry

No matter what area of expertise a company happens to offer, it is imperative that they do everything in their power in order to stay on top of their industry. There are many different ways that people are able to achieve this with services available such as digital marketing. While the world of technology, social media, and the internet is extremely important to utilize, many forget that promotional material is still a fantastic way to reach consumers. People love the idea of receiving free things that they can physically hold and so this is a great way to build positive brand awareness. Furthermore, when people go above and beyond for their customers as well as potential customers, this allows them to enjoy a whole host of benefits as well as stay on top of their industry. When companies set their customer service bar super high, they are likely to be rewarded for this.


As this is the case, it can be a wise move for businesses to look into custom printing services. When people mesh this service with online advertising, they are likely to become a force to be reckoned with.


Custom printing services can help ensure that everything is branded correctly

When most people think about custom printing services, the first thing they may think about is business cards. What they may not realize is that companies that offer this kind of service are actually able to help with so much more. For instance, if someone wanted to have magnets created with their logo or colours on it, they would be able to do so.

Having little and fun things such as this is extremely important as it can not only help potential customers remember the company at hand but it also helps them feel positively towards that company. In addition to this, magnets are super easy to hand out at events and won’t take up too much space. As there are so many benefits to creating promotional material that can be handed out as freebies, it can be a wise move to create a few different options.

Companies can create their own stationary, t-shirts, mugs, coasters, key-chains, as well as much more. They can include these as freebies when they send out packages which will allow customers to feel spoiled. In addition to all of this, people can implement custom printing services in order to take care of their general printing needs as well.


shirts with prints


Custom printing services can help with brochures, card, pamphlets, and more

When a company ensure that they are noticed in all sorts of different places, they are likely to attract more customers. When someone begins to build a clientele and has the customer count to match, this will allow them to become a fierce competitor. A great way for businesses to reach this point is when they are able to implement custom printing services.

For instance, a company could make sure that they are attending regular networking events where they are able to share their business cards with other companies. If their business card stands out from the crowd, that business may hire them or may hold them in a higher regard. Similarly, a company could hand out pamphlets at a community event that is held in their area.


mock up business cards


Some will simply like to include a lot of information for their customers when they place an order. This means that when they receive their package they could also receive a business card as well as a printed information pack. This can also help lead towards a more positive brand awareness.


vietnamese food

Reasons Why You Should Dine at an Eastwood Vietnamese Restaurant

There are many people out there who have pretty limited palettes when it comes to eating out or take-away meals. There are many reasons for this but mostly because it can feel really good for people to stay within their comfort zones. Until it doesn’t. Once someone has done the same thing over and over again, they can begin to feel stale and like they want to try something new. The only problem with this is that people most commonly don’t know where to begin and they don’t know what to try in order to expand their horizons.

A great way for people to try something new is by experiencing different cultures and cuisines without even having to leave the country. People are able to achieve this by eating out at different restaurants. Furthermore, eating at places that they usually wouldn’t think of. As Australia is such a multicultural country, residents are lucky enough to have a wide variety of choices right at their finger tips. Having said this, a great way for people to tip their toes in is by dining at an Eastwood Vietnamese restaurant. This way, they get to enjoy something new and delicious but also something that is overpowering in taste and smell.


Eating at an Eastwood Vietnamese restaurant is relatively well priced

One of the reasons why people should consider eating at an Eastwood Vietnamese restaurant is because they will not only be breaking out of their comfort zone but they also won’t be spending a fortune. The reason for this is because this style of cuisine was traditionally known as peasant food as it uses basic ingredients and oils. These basic ingredients are blended together to create amazing tastes and aromas that are sure to impress the whole family. Furthermore, first time visitors are also able to try out a few different things without breaking the bank. For example, they could order a few different entrees, then a main, as well as drinks, and then dessert. Additionally, people are able to easily feed the whole family and don’t have to have that pit in their stomach at the end of the night because they are worried that they have spent too much. On top of all of this, having a great price means that people are able to take themselves out once a week which can be a great way to unwind after a busy work week.



Eating at an Eastwood Vietnamese restaurant can be enjoyed alone or with a big group of people

The great thing about enjoying this type of cuisine is that is can be enjoyed alone or with a big group of people. Many people will enjoy the ritual of ordering take-away food from an Eastwood Vietnamese restaurant once a week, and others will enjoy meeting up with friends to have a good laugh and conversation over their meals. Whatever someone’s circumstances may be, they are able to thoroughly enjoy themselves with the delicious food and aromas. This can also be a great option for couples to enjoy as they are able to get out for a date night as often as they can without breaking the bank. As it is so important for people to have opportunities where they are able to connect and not have their smart phones with them, it can be a good idea to visit an Eastwood Vietnamese restaurant on a regular basis. Before people know it, they will be professionals in this type of cuisine and may even begin to implement this style of cooking at home.

certificate of divorce

Why Clients Rely on Their Divorce Solicitor in Sydney

When approximately one in two marriages in Australia ends in separation, there is little wonder that family law firms are so regularly sought after.


To be the best divorce lawyers in Sydney, you must be prepared to negotiate terms between each spouse, to find common ground and to fight for rights of the client that might extend to a judge in a court of law.


Professionals in this field will be able to break down each and every facet of these cases, from pre-nuptial agreements to domestic violence violations, child custody matters and family resolution events.


This wide range of services illustrates the necessity of lawyers in this instance, from those who can afford the very best representation to citizens with more modest resources.


So why do clients rely on these solicitors to carry through on a separation exactly?

Many individuals might be frightened to seek representation over cost concerns, but recent examples have pointed to long-term pain if one party has a solicitor in their corner when the other does not.


Here we will discuss the rationale behind the need to have a lawyer available during a divorce procedure.


Leaving Emotion to One Side

It is improbable for any decent person to be involved in divorce without emotion becoming an influential factor, either in a positive and compassionate sense or a negative and abusive one. A certified divorce solicitor in Sydney is positioned to undertake the negotiations and file the paperwork devoid of any emotion; this is simply a matter of doing their job to the best of their ability.


Opportunity to Seize Assets

It might sound cold and calculating to think about assets when a family separation is occurring, but there will likely be a need to access different assets when two people begin to move on with the rest of their lives. A divorce solicitor in Sydney can provide evidence when it comes to possession of a house, a vehicle, a computer, a painting or something else of value. Once the pain of the divorce has settled, these cases often become a bargaining process where one party offers certain guarantees and assets in exchange for receiving their own.


Positioning of an Unbiased Mediator

Heated debate and conflict is likely to arise in these instances, but that tension can be eased with the introduction of an unbiased mediator arriving in the form of a divorce solicitor in Sydney. While they will be representing one party, there will be a need to find common ground and ensure that costs are not blown out and a settlement can be arranged. That sheer presence can be enough to calm any fears by having someone devoid of the relationship, entering the equation with no preconceptions or personal preferences.


Accelerate the Divorce Process

Those from the outside seeking a couple bring aboard their own divorce solicitor in Sydney might be of the opinion that each party are attempting to wage war on one and other. This could be where the axes are being sharpened for a fight in the courts, a scenario that won’t leave either spouse happy. Yet there is truth to the idea that this hiring is actually made to make this process more amicable and to accelerate proceedings. By having educated and experienced professionals on hand, they could be directed by their client not to drag out this conflict and to seek a resolution in an efficient manner.



Each spouse will be unique when it comes to their opinion on the need to hire a divorce solicitor in Sydney. These legal professionals will be adamant that those who venture solo will open themselves up to numerous threats from a financial standpoint, but that will be dependent on the degree to which the other spouse wants to fight the case. If there is a respectful dialogue between the pair, then the introduction of legal representation can help to fast track the process.


back massage

What does the Chiropracter in Castle Hill do?

A common question for the Castle Hill Chiropractor is ‘what do you do’? So we’ve thrown together a 101 to help you get an idea of what the practice is all about. As one of the fastest growing health professions in the world, such insights about this natural healthcare system are bound to become more valuable.

In a nutshell, the Chiropracter in Castle Hill is concerned with the influence the muscular-skeletal system has on the nervous system. The nervous system is essentially our hardwiring, with the Central Nervous System (CNS), or control centre of the body, being found in the brain and spinal cord. Everything in the body is connected through these nerves, or wires if you will.

It’s been scientifically shown that when there’s an issue with the spine, nerves traveling out from that level of the spine cannot work right.

For your trivia, the Chiropracter in Castle Hill have helped us throw together a list of the 6 divisions of the nervous system:


  1. Central nervous system (CNS) – like the central processing unit of a computer, the brain and spinal cord receive all kinds of information from the body and about the environment, helping to regulate behaviour and activity accordingly.


  1. Peripheral nervous system – communicates between the CNS and body tissues. This is made up of 12 pairs of cranial nerves (from the brain) and 31 pairs of spinal nerves.


  1. Somatic division – nerves concerned with skeletal muscles and skin, and the voluntary control of these. These can be sensory and motor nerves.


  1. Autonomic division – or sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves.


  1. Sympathetic nerves – speed up or slow down bodily activity. You may recognise this by the term ‘flight or fight’ response, which is automatically activated.


  1. Parasympathetic nerves – oppose the activity of the sympathetic nerves.


But, what does the Chiropracter in Castle Hill actually do? Their primary job is to locate the part of the spine associated with the nerves that aren’t working quite right. Once this part on the spine is found, it now makes sense to say that correcting this will in turn allow the nerves coming out of here to work as they should.

The Chiropracter in Castle Hill totally recognises that there are pretty much always other factors in play, including blood-flow.

If you visit a the Chiropracter in Castle Hill, or anywhere for that matter, you’re bound to run into the term ‘subluxation’. What on earth is this? This refers to the misalignment of the spine that links to a range of health problems.

To a lot of people, this isn’t exclusively used in the context of dislocation, however to our Chiropracter in Castle Hill, this is looked at in a greater complexity. There are multiple things in play, including…


  • Inflammation and scar tissue that come with injury to a joint
  • Incorrect motion
  • Muscle spasms
  • Nerve interference


When a joint in the spine is injured and not working as it should, the nerves traveling out from this point won’t work right, which can affect all the tissue you have around those nerves.

When this happens, the greatest example given by our Chiropracter in Castle Hill, is in liking it to something we can all relate to in the current day, phone reception.

We can all relate to the experience of trying to speak to someone on the other end when we’re in a bad area and it’s all breaking up. Similarly, signals from the brain and spine just don’t get through.

Pay a visit to a practice like this and try subluxation for yourself if you are experiencing any of these issues.


How Viable Are Digital Marketing Jobs in 2018?

How Viable Are Digital Marketing Jobs in 2018?

Of all the graduate degrees, classes and opportunities that are available for young adults to explore for career options, digital marketing jobs happens to be a recurring theme for many.


From the outside looking in, such a profession appears to be too niche to comprehend without the history or substance to take it seriously. However, looking at a career in a SEO agency can be very rewarding.


Given the alternatives that will be presented to high school and university attendants as they forge their own future, from medical science to accounting, crafting a trade or working in the IT sector, there are preconceptions about the merits of an endeavour in the world of digital marketing.


Fortunately there has been enough evidence to deduce from in 2018 that illustrates a strong viability for this career path.


As society becomes addicted to their smartphone connected through the internet, there has never been a greater opportunity to join a revolution where brands and new cultural norms are colliding.


So how viable is this venture exactly?


Let us delve into the details to explore why digital marketing is on the upward curve for fresh graduates and students.

Wide Range of Roles and Responsibilities


The phrase “digital marketing jobs” happens to be all-consuming terminology that constitutes a variety of roles and responsibilities in the corporate sector. This will be inclusive of, but not limited to:


  • Social media marketing
  • Content management
  • Marketing analysis
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Any activity that involves digital channels being utilised to reach the consumer market at large falls into this category, comprising of a series of actions and techniques that are expanding to this very day. Such a scenario only improves the prospects of job security given the potential to move up, down or sideways on the scales of digital promotion.

The Digital Trend


With close to 17 million smartphones in use within the domestic Australian market and close to 2 billion in circulation around the globe, digital marketing jobs happen to be a byproduct of a larger trend and upsurge in activity. Whilst the print industry is struggling to remain viable as they transition to a new online model, leaving television spots and radio advertisements lagging behind with brands switching their attention, young developers can source their expertise from an industry that is only heading in one positive direction.

Work-Life Balance Equation


Any individual who finds themselves within the framework of digital marketing jobs should be able to settle on a relatively healthy work-life balance. There will always be unique circumstances within companies and enterprises that place different demands on departments, but the opportunity to tap into an evolving industry that asks for creative input has proven to be more beneficial and satisfactory when compared against other professions.


Rather than working through a tired and repeated cycle of processing, these roles require professionals to identify new opportunities in the market, to utilise new forms of technology and to gauge behaviours and trends within the local economy. This is no simple 9-5 role.

Certificates and Qualifications


Digital marketing jobs can be sourced through a variety of degrees and certificates. Educational institutions around the country and overseas alike have recognised this is a field of expertise that requires study and analysis prior to entering the workforce. Akin to any other profession, the greater the source of the qualification, the more possibilities and job opportunities present themselves for that single student.

Potential to Upgrade


Individuals who opt for digital marketing jobs won’t necessarily retire with the same role they began with. Having discussed the sheer scope of duties that an employee or employer can obtain in this field, from social media managing to content writing and search engine optimisation, there will be jobs on offer in 5-10 years time that we could not even comprehend today.


Make No Mistake: Eliminate Risk From Your Upcoming Construction Project

A construction project involves various activities that can be a potential safety hazard if not handled carefully. For instance, scaling scaffolds without proper training and safety measures can claim a life or cause damage to the property.

As a building contractor, handling a construction project is a big responsibility fraught with high risk, but knowing how to manage or eliminate the risk is the key to success.


Why is risk management important?

A precariously held scaffolding can lead to fatal accidents and invite legal trouble. Even if you think your public liability insurance will cover every damage, there’s no outlet for the stress and guilt that accompany. Failing to manage risk can also reflect negatively on your company’s reputation, and chances of you getting your next project may be reduced to none.

To start with risk management, you need to identify risk-fraught areas and put special measures to preempt any mishap. Besides, it is essential to ensure compliance with construction standards of Australia to keep legal bugs from biting you time and again.



Areas that require your attention



Call it underrated all you want, but scaffolding is one of the simplest yet crucial tools in the construction industry that facilitate tricky constructions by saving time and resources. However, one needs to be careful while erecting a scaffolding because the it is as strong as its weakest joint. To avoid any risk, rent or buy a scaffolding from one of the trusted suppliers in your area and let them set it up for you as well as take it down when the job is done. Allowing professionals to handle the scaffolding can significantly reduce the risk of a hard-fall.


Error in the Blueprint

A blueprint of a construction project is developed before it takes the brick-and-mortar form. A mistake in the design could be a wrong angle or any missing detail, but it can cost you your reputation should that error goes unnoticed, falls through the crack and replicates itself on actual construction. Therefore, it pays to go over the blueprint as many times as it takes to be sure about its accuracy and then go over it once more.


Inadequate Resources

Most construction projects come to a halt due to lack of resources, be it workforce or the construction material. Falling short on resources in the middle of a construction project demonstrates incompetence and lack of planning. You do not want to come across as an incompetent builder, do you? On the other hand, excessively stocking up on resources might lead to storage issues and wastage. Therefore, the easiest way forward is to consult your mentors or peers to establish an adequate inventory for a given project.



Some construction projects may take longer than a year to complete, and between the point of start and completion, a lot of things has to go right. Such projects demand forward-thinking concerning inflation. The construction consumables and workforce can get expensive in 12 months, and your estimated cost turns out nowhere close to the actual cost incurred at the time of completion. This is one of the risks most building contractors do not factor in and end up bearing losses.



Most construction sites are vandalised due to lack of proper security measures. Construction material is expensive and losing it in theft can be a crushing blow to your profits. Therefore, it pays to hire security personnel or at least deploy CCTV cameras for 24/7 surveillance.



wrought iron fence

Advantages of Wrought Iron Fencing


Are you looking to put up some fencing around your property then your first thought should be to buy wrought iron fences Perth? Whether you want them for the front of your house, or in the back garden, or even surrounding your outdoor pool, you can guarantee the quality you are looking for by investing in wrought iron fences in Perth. They are sure to add class to your house’s surroundings while keeping out unwanted intruders, everything you want from your security gates. More and more people are understanding the benefit of investing in this type of fencing so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t too. Below we will outline a few reasons for the growth in popularity in wrought iron fences in Perth.


Less rust

If you invest in wrought iron fences Perth, dealing with rust on your outdoor fencing will be a thing of the past. In order to make the material, it is mixed with slag. This compound is less susceptible to rust and therefore needs less care. Your days worrying about the weather destroying your fencing will be a thing of the past.  On the off chance you do spot some small areas rusting, you should simply sand away what you have found and paint over the spot with rust-resistant paint. Obviously, you should use a matching colour so as not to become part of the neighbourhood gossip of the family with mixed matched gates.


Long lasting

Wrought iron fences in Perth stand out due to their durability. Compared to other materials you may consider for fencing, wrought iron is by far the strongest and most well equipped to deal with everything nature and people have to throw at it. Fencing will always be tested by different things like cars, bikes and people crashing or hitting into it. You’ll have to worry more about your car if it collides with this fencing such is its resistance to bending and dents. It’s said gates should last at least a hundred years with minimal upkeep, a few accidents shouldn’t stop that from being the case either.



Not only should you buy wrought iron fences in Perth because of their durability, but also the aesthetics they can add to the front of house appearance. Neighbours will peer enviously through the gates at your wonderful home and the perfectly manicured gardens but they will now be doing so through, beautifully constructed fences. If you’re that way inclined, you can add a bit of a personal touch to them and include your name, surname, date of birth or family crest on the top, just so there is no mistake about who lives in the mansion behind them.



You can install wrought iron fences in Perth up to 3 metres tall if you want and it still won’t affect how the shrubbery and flowers behind them grow. Many people often complain how walls can block out sunlight while offering the privacy that they do. Installing this sort of fencing will allow sunlight through to help your garden look as fresh as you want it to. You can even hang some flower pots off the fencing to give it that extra bit of class.


Wrought iron fences in Perth should be your go to for fencing in the city. It may set you back when purchasing but you can be sure that they will last longer than you do in your house. Offering the best mix of protection and aesthetics on the market, they will keep your property free from intruders while adding some extra flair to your already beautiful abode, something money can’t buy.

wedding photographer

How to Have Your Wedding Day Captured the Way it is Meant to be

Before you write down your wedding vows and rehearse it one more time, consider circling back to where you started. No, it’s not about the vows and neither the catering nor décor. It’s about the dedicated Sydney wedding photographer who will capture the smiles, colours and emotions on your special day.

You are marrying the love of your life. You are happy and excited long before the Big Day arrives. However, amidst all the excitement, it is common to miss out on important details like hiring the right wedding photographer to document your nuptials.

A wedding without a wedding photographer is incomplete in every sense. There are several moments that need to be captured before the two of you say ‘I do’. But how everything is going to be captured should be figured out early on to avoid last-minute disappointment – because a few years down the line, you will not want to look at your wedding photos and feel nothing special about them.

When it comes to deciding the budget, you can hire an elite wedding photographer or perhaps who has just started out, depending on how much you value the craft. But that doesn’t put an end to your struggle. Almost every wedding photographer in Australia is a trained one and pretty much knows how to click frame-worthy photos, but even their best approach might not work for you. This is where you need to establish an understanding and let your photographer know what is expected of him/her.

Here are five ways your wedding photographer can document your special day the way it is meant to be.


Have yourself and your partner captured in broad daylight, without artificial lights following you everywhere. Your wedding photographer should be skilled enough to negotiate shadows and other challenges that accompany this photography style. If done right, the results will be stunning photographs that make your heart skip a beat.


Candid photography is all about capturing images in the moment as opposed to a contrived approach. Candid is essentially the new-age posed photography, and the best part is you don’t have to make efforts to stand still and keep staring into the lens till eternity.


This reality-based wedding photography style is gaining popularity among couples of modern times, and wedding photographers, on the other hand, up the ante by giving their personal touch to this approach. If you want to go by this style, make sure your appointed wedding photographer has a knack for it.


Wedding photos can seem boring without exciting backgrounds and unique compositions. If you don’t want your wedding album to end up being just another photography project, ask your wedding photographer if he/she can put a creative spin on it. Since the results will depend on the experience and expertise of your photographer, it pays to choose the right wedding photographer who can pull off illustrative style as if he created it.


This conventional approach to wedding photography when combined with any of the aforementioned styles completes the big picture. As they rightly said, “old is gold”.

In today’s day and age where Social Media is your new address, can you afford not to grace it with your wedding pictures? Before posting your wedding photos on Social Media, it is essential that they pass through post-production and refinement.

All the best for a new exciting life ahead!

Certified Arborist Report- FAQ

Certified Arborist Report- FAQ

Unless you have a particular knowledge or interest in trees, or plant health, it can be really difficult to tell if they are in good condition or if they have a disease. It may not seem overly essential, but taking correct care of any trees on your property is actually really important. If a tree is in poor health or has structural issues, it could fall down and damage your house, or even hurt someone. On top of this, many councils also require you to look after trees, especially native Australian species. This is why it is can be crucial to hire a tree surgeon. Many companies offer certified arborist reports to help people understand if their tree is healthy or not. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about certified arborist reports.


What is a certified arborist report?

A certified arborist report is a document used to record details about tree identification, condition, size, health and any damage. Typically, these files also include information about the tree’s environment, for example the type of soil and the condition of the surrounding land; it may also mention if there are signs of pests and signs of potential diseases. Often these assessments will include recommendations for how to treat or cure diseased trees and how any residential or commercial development may affect the plants. Essentially, this is a document that keeps a record of everything to do with a particular tree. This has particular importance for rare species of tree or because the plant provides a habitat for local wildlife.


When is a certified arborist report required?

There are several situations in which an assessment is needed, the first of which is when the local council requests you get one completed. This is usually the case for plants that are either rare, of Aboriginal importance or are a home for many animals. In this case, it is in the best interest of the government, or council, to ensure the tree is in good health. If you wish to prune or remove any trees that fall under any of those categories, you will also need to get an assessment done beforehand. This is also something you should consider if you are planning to renovate or build extensions on your current home. Failure to obtain an assessment can result in fines, so be aware of local council laws and regulations. Another reason why you may need to contact a tree surgeon is if you notice any issues with a tree on your property; this could include dead branches, cracks in the branch, or pests.


Who can carry out a certified arborist report?

Any assessment will be completed and documented by professional tree surgeon who has the correct qualifications. In Australia, the required qualification is a Diploma of Horticulture (Arboriculture) from a relevant college. Many professionals are also members of Arboriculture Australia or the Institute of Australian Consulting Arborists. The document must also include a statement from the professional to say their assessment was impartial and the condition of the trees was based on the given evidence.


What information is on a certified arborist report document?

Once the assessment has been completed, the professional will complete a document stating their findings. Firstly, a table for each tree will be included which details the common and scientific names, approximate height and age, diameter at one metre height and estimates of the tree’s life expectancy. Furthermore, there will also be information pertaining the methods used to gain the information, and a site plan showing the location of all relevant trees. There will also be details regarding the trees health, if there are pest problems, the structural health and if any diseases are affecting the tree. Lastly, all available options and recommended action for the particular tree will be listed.