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How to Have Your Wedding Day Captured the Way it is Meant to be

Before you write down your wedding vows and rehearse it one more time, consider circling back to where you started. No, it’s not about the vows and neither the catering nor décor. It’s about the dedicated Sydney wedding photographer who will capture the smiles, colours and emotions on your special day.

You are marrying the love of your life. You are happy and excited long before the Big Day arrives. However, amidst all the excitement, it is common to miss out on important details like hiring the right wedding photographer to document your nuptials.

A wedding without a wedding photographer is incomplete in every sense. There are several moments that need to be captured before the two of you say ‘I do’. But how everything is going to be captured should be figured out early on to avoid last-minute disappointment – because a few years down the line, you will not want to look at your wedding photos and feel nothing special about them.

When it comes to deciding the budget, you can hire an elite wedding photographer or perhaps who has just started out, depending on how much you value the craft. But that doesn’t put an end to your struggle. Almost every wedding photographer in Australia is a trained one and pretty much knows how to click frame-worthy photos, but even their best approach might not work for you. This is where you need to establish an understanding and let your photographer know what is expected of him/her.

Here are five ways your wedding photographer can document your special day the way it is meant to be.


Have yourself and your partner captured in broad daylight, without artificial lights following you everywhere. Your wedding photographer should be skilled enough to negotiate shadows and other challenges that accompany this photography style. If done right, the results will be stunning photographs that make your heart skip a beat.


Candid photography is all about capturing images in the moment as opposed to a contrived approach. Candid is essentially the new-age posed photography, and the best part is you don’t have to make efforts to stand still and keep staring into the lens till eternity.


This reality-based wedding photography style is gaining popularity among couples of modern times, and wedding photographers, on the other hand, up the ante by giving their personal touch to this approach. If you want to go by this style, make sure your appointed wedding photographer has a knack for it.


Wedding photos can seem boring without exciting backgrounds and unique compositions. If you don’t want your wedding album to end up being just another photography project, ask your wedding photographer if he/she can put a creative spin on it. Since the results will depend on the experience and expertise of your photographer, it pays to choose the right wedding photographer who can pull off illustrative style as if he created it.


This conventional approach to wedding photography when combined with any of the aforementioned styles completes the big picture. As they rightly said, “old is gold”.

In today’s day and age where Social Media is your new address, can you afford not to grace it with your wedding pictures? Before posting your wedding photos on Social Media, it is essential that they pass through post-production and refinement.

All the best for a new exciting life ahead!

Certified Arborist Report- FAQ

Certified Arborist Report- FAQ

Unless you have a particular knowledge or interest in trees, or plant health, it can be really difficult to tell if they are in good condition or if they have a disease. It may not seem overly essential, but taking correct care of any trees on your property is actually really important. If a tree is in poor health or has structural issues, it could fall down and damage your house, or even hurt someone. On top of this, many councils also require you to look after trees, especially native Australian species. This is why it is can be crucial to hire a tree surgeon. Many companies offer certified arborist reports to help people understand if their tree is healthy or not. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about certified arborist reports.


What is a certified arborist report?

A certified arborist report is a document used to record details about tree identification, condition, size, health and any damage. Typically, these files also include information about the tree’s environment, for example the type of soil and the condition of the surrounding land; it may also mention if there are signs of pests and signs of potential diseases. Often these assessments will include recommendations for how to treat or cure diseased trees and how any residential or commercial development may affect the plants. Essentially, this is a document that keeps a record of everything to do with a particular tree. This has particular importance for rare species of tree or because the plant provides a habitat for local wildlife.


When is a certified arborist report required?

There are several situations in which an assessment is needed, the first of which is when the local council requests you get one completed. This is usually the case for plants that are either rare, of Aboriginal importance or are a home for many animals. In this case, it is in the best interest of the government, or council, to ensure the tree is in good health. If you wish to prune or remove any trees that fall under any of those categories, you will also need to get an assessment done beforehand. This is also something you should consider if you are planning to renovate or build extensions on your current home. Failure to obtain an assessment can result in fines, so be aware of local council laws and regulations. Another reason why you may need to contact a tree surgeon is if you notice any issues with a tree on your property; this could include dead branches, cracks in the branch, or pests.


Who can carry out a certified arborist report?

Any assessment will be completed and documented by professional tree surgeon who has the correct qualifications. In Australia, the required qualification is a Diploma of Horticulture (Arboriculture) from a relevant college. Many professionals are also members of Arboriculture Australia or the Institute of Australian Consulting Arborists. The document must also include a statement from the professional to say their assessment was impartial and the condition of the trees was based on the given evidence.


What information is on a certified arborist report document?

Once the assessment has been completed, the professional will complete a document stating their findings. Firstly, a table for each tree will be included which details the common and scientific names, approximate height and age, diameter at one metre height and estimates of the tree’s life expectancy. Furthermore, there will also be information pertaining the methods used to gain the information, and a site plan showing the location of all relevant trees. There will also be details regarding the trees health, if there are pest problems, the structural health and if any diseases are affecting the tree. Lastly, all available options and recommended action for the particular tree will be listed.

Hawkesbury dental clinic

Maximising Your Hawkesbury Dental Clinic Appointment

The region of North-West Sydney is a hub of activity when it comes to firms and practices that provide important medical service for the community.


This is where you can locate a Hawkesbury dental clinic that allows patients to access all manner of services that help improve their oral health.


As a consumer you are well within your right to pick and chose a specialist practice that can provide you the care that you are entitled to.


Whether through public care or with the assistance of private health insurance provisions, you can locate organisations that can cater to these vital needs at any time of year.


Yet there are some roles and responsibilities that so happen to rest with the patient as much as on the dental clinics themselves.


Simply calling up to make a booking is only one part of what should be a larger process, helping you to maximise your visits, cut down on costs and ensuring that you are in good oral health all year round, every year.


So what can you do to take advantage of these checkups and appointments that are listed on the calendar?


Here we will run through some helpful tips that will eliminate common hassles and assist your dentist to get the job done.

Prepare Teeth and Gums Beforehand


Visiting a Hawkesbury dental clinic will ensure that excess plaque and a thorough scrubbing of the teeth can take place. However, to cut down on that time and to condition your teeth and gums, it is ideal to clean at least twice a day with toothpaste and to regularly floss to avoid the threat of disease and decay.

Carry Through On Additional Services


Before long, it will be likely that a professional from a Hawkesbury dental clinic will issue additional services that will be reactive or proactive measures to combat problems such as disease and decay. From x-rays to fillings, exams and extensive cleaning procedures, as a patient you need to invest trust in these professionals and allow them to follow through on their additional services they recommend.

Go Mobile If Necessary


If you have an important appointment on the books for a Hawkesbury dental clinic, but you find yourself on the road or on the go, then there are mobile dental operators who can stand in. This will depend on your profession and circumstances, but delaying and pushing back an appointment is not going to resolve your oral health concerns.

Secure Regular Checkups


Any appointment that you book with a Hawkesbury dental clinic will set in motion a relationship between a doctor and a patient to ensure that your oral health status is monitored and checked at regular intervals. From molars that need checking to implementing fillings, root canal therapy, mouth guards or other services, you need to set a 6 or 12-month schedule that allows for regular checking to take place.

Open Dialogue With Your Dentist


Those of the community who avoid a Hawkesbury dental clinic in favour of an individual family dentist believe that they are better served because they can generate that one-on-one care that does not arrive from a larger operation. Given the connections and family history, there is a need to gravitate to these smaller operations in some circles as the clinics are viewed as bodies that do not have that personal touch or connection.


To ensure that this perception is not reality, it is wise to keep in contact with your dentist from the clinic and to explain to them any and all issues you may have. From preexisting conditions to feelings of pain or discomfort or plans to have work done, it is imperative that you feel as though you can openly and transparently speak with your dental professional.

Reasons why you would need an OT driving assessment

Reasons why you would need an OT driving assessment

There are several reasons why you would need to undertake an occupational therapy driving assessment, or an OT driving assessment. Often this review is the first step for a disabled person in obtaining their license.

First of all, what is an OT driving assessment? These reviews are essentially tests, conducted by experienced health professionals who have undertaken postgraduate study and have the requisite qualifications, with the goal of determining if the participant’s medical impairments or disabilities have an impact on their capability to operate a vehicle.

The OT driving assessment is a two part task that involves both an off-road and on-road review of the participant’s capabilities.

The off-road component of the review involves the occupational therapist asking a series of questions about the participant’s general lifestyle, abilities, and issues they face on a day-to-day basis. This involves an examination of the participant’s medical history as well as their baseline capability in handling a vehicle.

This segment also involves a test of aptitude, examining the participant’s physical and mental abilities, including eyesight, a sensory test, ability to plan and concentrate as well as knowledge regarding road rules.

The on-road component of the OT driving assessment is usually 1 hour long with both an instructor and the occupational therapist present in the vehicle, during which the participant’s performance and capabilities are examined.

During this part of the test, the therapist is looking for how the participant interacts with hazards, different traffic scenarios, traffic signs etc. in order to judge their overall mental and physical capabilities and how it affects their skills.

At the end of the OT driving assessment, the occupational therapist will provide feedback regarding the participant’s overall performance.

Should the results of the test be satisfactory, then the occupational therapist will advise the participant that they may continue staying on the roads, either unconditionally or under the pretence of conditions such as vehicular modifications that enable easier operation or restrictions on what the participant can and can’t do (such as a lower speed limit).

If the results of the OT driving assessment are unsatisfactory, then the occupational therapist may provide opportunities to take classes, or provide enhanced equipment or vehicular modifications that enable the participant to operate the vehicle.

In other cases, the therapist will simply ask the participant to recover further and suggest retaking the OT driving assessment again at a later point in time.

In the worst case scenario the participant may be deemed permanently incapable, in which case their license may be revoked.

Returning to the road after an injury or impairment

A common reason for needing to undertake an OT driving assessment is to be able to return to the road again after suffering an injury or impairment.

In the event that you suffer a severe injury that may put you at risk of being unable to operate a vehicle (for example, losing an arm or a leg), you are legally required to report your injury to the appropriate authority.

In this scenario, the organisation will require you to perform an OT driving assessment in order to judge whether you are still fit to stay on the road.

Learning as a disabled person

Another common reason why you may need an OT driving assessment is if you are a disabled person and want to learn how to operate a vehicle.

This is an important skill as it enables disabled people to see their friends, reconnect with their communities and enhance their employment prospects. In the case of disability, this skill is often essential in their reintegration into their wider local communities and for the development of their independence.

A disabled person seeking a license must first undertake an OT driving assessment to judge the extent to which their disability affects their ability to operate a vehicle.

If the person is deemed fit, then a lesson plan can be developed for the disabled person to follow in order to start learning.

OT driving assessments are important as being able to retrieve one’s license after a disability enables individuals to reconnect with their communities. Furthermore, providing an option for disabled people to learn allows for better reintegration of these disadvantaged members into society.

gp near me

Why you should switch to video-calling for a medical check-up

Getting sick is a situation no one wants to be in. When you are sick, you are unable to follow your normal routine. What’s more, while the best thing for you is probably to stay in bed and recover, it is often essential to obtain a doctors certificate to show your workplace or school.

Searching “gp near me” and dragging yourself to the closest medical centre can be annoying when you know what you need is rest. You shouldn’t have to go out of your way to prove you are sick.

Luckily, the traditional method of going to a doctor to physically ask for a doctor’s certificate may soon be replaced by a better version of searching up “gp near me”. Applications have been developed which can allow users to have a consultation from the comfort of their home – through the technology of video call.

Here are some benefits of opting for this new option over searching up “gp near me”!

Skip the queue

We all know and hate the inevitable wait for a doctor. Even when you’ve booked an appointment, it’s incredibly likely that the clinic will run overtime and you’ll end up waiting far longer than you anticipated.

With a new video-calling technology, you no longer have to endure this wait. The benefit of such a technology is that you can dial up a doctor and get your appointment out of the way so that you can move on to improving your health. Forget about searching up “gp near me” and try out this new application instead.

Access at anytime

Medical centres have opening and closing hours that while necessary, can make it hard to work around your own schedule. The benefit of opting for a video-call consult over a physical appointment is that you can access a doctor at a time that is convenient to you.

It also makes it much easier in terms of transport. While traditionally, you would have to drive or take another form of transport to gain medical advice, the invention of this app makes it unnecessary. That means you have less to worry about if you don’t feel entirely up to driving or getting out of the house.

This makes it a far more appealing option than searching up “gp near me” and figuring out how you’re going to transport yourself there!

Stay in bed and recuperate

Instead of dragging yourself out of the house and enduring long waiting times, enjoy the comfort of your bed and get all the rest you can while receiving medical advice!

Let’s face it – today’s medical system contains a lot of inefficiencies and it is time that a new way of getting medical attention for less pressing illness is championed. Instead of searching up “gp near me”, you can head straight to a website.

Get prescriptions and referrals with ease

A consultation over the internet can get you more than a doctor’s certificate – cut down the time you spend by receiving prescriptions for medicine and specialist referrals.

That way, you can cut to the chase and get the help you really need with less effort. What’s more, this is an easy, paperless way to keep track of your documents and you can easily organise and present these as you need.

Tired of forcing yourself out of bed to seek your “gp near me”? That’s no longer required with the option of video-calling medical consults. While some appointments are necessary to be done in-person, this new technological configuration can provide an efficient way to speed up the medical process.

3 major benefits of hiring decluttering services in Sydney

Sydney residents are just as messy as people in any other major city and there are no doubt plenty of people who could use some extra help keeping their homes tidy. If you are struggling with junk and grime in your home, then you might want to consider hiring decluttering services in Sydney.

3 major benefits of hiring decluttering services in Sydney

Many people who could benefits from hiring decluttering services in Sydney choose not to because they either think it’s prohibitively expensive or because they don’t think it’s necessary. The truth is that hiring professional decluttering services in Sydney is far more affordable and appropriate than people give it credit for.

Let’s take a look at the top 3 benefits of hiring decluttering services in Sydney.

1.     Set it and forget it

The most obvious benefit of hiring decluttering services in Sydney is so that you can make sure your home is neat and tidy throughout the week without having to lift a finger yourself. While some people might say this is lazy, it’s far more convenient for people with busy lifestyles to hire a professional to take care of the mess while they’re at work or running other errands.

With professional decluttering services in Sydney, you can interview people and find the best housekeeper to suit your preferences. You can then trust them with a key to your home so tha

t they can come and do their thing while you’re out getting other things done.

Many people often don’t realise just how convenient and beneficial having someone take care of tidying up for them. It gives you so much more free time as you know for certain that when you come home from a long day you won’t have to waste a second tidying something up.

It basically feels like returning to a hotel room every evening. If that kind of experience sounds appealing to you, then you might want to look into professional decluttering services in Sydney.

2.     Have it your way

Another great benefit of hiring professional decluttering services in Sydney is that you can instruct the housekeeper on exactly how you would like things to be done. This means you don’t have to worry about a stranger ruining the perfect order of your photo frames or potted plants as they will follow your instruction to the letter.

You’ll get to enjoy coming home to a house that was tidied just the way you like it. It’s basically like hiring a clone of yourself to take care of everything while you get on with more important things.

3.     Always ready

If you’re someone who likes to entertain guests at home a lot, then you’ve no doubt experienced the panicked rush of trying to tidy up before people arrive. While you manage to avoid embarrassment most nights, it’s quite time consuming and stressful to try and transform your entire home into something adequate for entertaining in just a few hours.

When you hire decluttering services in Sydney, you can rest assured that you home will always be ready to revive guests as you know that it will be spotless. This makes it much easier to make plans in the spur of the moment as you won’t need to worry about whether your home is too messy to have guests over.

Ultimately, the choice to hire decluttering services in Sydney will depend on your budget and it’s suitability to your lifestyle. If you’re someone who is very busy and always entertaining, then it makes sense to hire routine decluttering services in Sydney so that you always have a tidy home to relax and recreate in.

criminal lawyer

How criminal lawyers in Sydney can help if you have a mental illness

If you have been charged with an offence then you will want to get in touch with a great criminal lawyer in Sydney. However, sometimes we commit crimes that have been strongly influenced by mental illness. This is when having criminal lawyers in Sydney can be extremely helpful.

There are a number of provisions within the law designed to ensure that those who are experiencing mental illness are ushered towards treatment rather than a punishment. The most common way for someone to avoid charges in this state is through a Section 32 application.

What is a Section 32 application?

The Section 32 of the Mental Health Act states that an individual who suffers from a mental condition is able to bypass the court and follow a prescribed treatment plan from the court through seeing a psychologist on a regular basis for a set period.

The court states that a mental condition is able to be treated through regular sessions with a psychologist. Mental conditions are seen to be less severe than a mental illness or disability and include things like; anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder or substance abuse.

How can I get a Section 32?

Having criminal lawyers in Sydney represent you will go a long way to a successful Section 32 application. They will be able to collect all of the important and relevant information to help you achieve a fair result for your case.

Those who are suffering from a mental condition deserve to be treated so that they are able to overcome their condition and live a happy life. Criminal lawyers in Sydney will do their best to facilitate this.

A Section 32 can be granted at any stage of court proceedings if it becomes apparent that at the time of the crime, or currently, you are suffering from a mental condition. The first step to achieving this is to have your criminal lawyers in Sydney obtain a report from a mental health professional stating that you have a mental condition and how it impacts you. This will, of course, require you to attend a psychologist or other relevant doctor at the advice of your criminal lawyers in Sydney.

If you are successful with your Section 32 application then there are a number of possible outcomes;

  • You may be dismissed of all charges and placed on a court-mandated treatment plan.
  • Your case may be adjourned for a period of time during which your progress from treatment will be monitored to determine if your case should be dismissed or not.
  • For those in custody, the magistrate may grant you bail on the conditions of treatment.

The outcomes will depend slightly on the information surrounding you and the case and this is why having criminal lawyers in Sydney is beneficial. They are likely to be able to facilitate a better outcome.

A treatment plan will be specified if you are granted a Section 32 and this can include;

  • Weekly attendance at counselling with a psychologist or other health professional.
  • Taking any necessary medication.
  • Having your medication, condition and treatment plan reviewed every month.

A Section 32 tends to last a maximum of six months and is arguably better than a Section 10 because there is no finding of guilt. Criminal lawyers in Sydney will be able to help with all case matter and it is especially important if you believe that you are suffering from a mental condition. Criminal lawyers in Sydney will be there to help you and provide you with the best possible outcome whether that is a reduced punishment or treatment for a mental condition.

All About No Doc Loans

No doc loans are loans obtained for the purpose of acquiring property in circumstances where your income cannot be verified. There are certain circumstances that are applicable that a no doc loan can be acquired, and these include:


  • The loan has to be utilised for business purposes
  • It must be secured by a commercial property
  • The purpose must be for business purposes (other than in residential property)
  • The loan name must be in the name of a company or trust with an ABN


In order to prevent the lender from breaking the National Consumer Credit Protection Act, the borrower will be required to sign a declaration that the property is unregulated by the act, and fulfills the above requirements.


Restrictions on Consumer Credit


No doc home loans are extremely rare in the Australian finance market, due to the crackdown in provision of credit post the global financial meltdown. Previously to the global financial meltdown, lenders were providing finance to people who were unable to afford the repayments on a property, and many properties were subsequently foreclosed as spiralling interest rates and loss of jobs created a huge volatility in global financial systems.


Requirements of No Doc Loans

Governments, in order to prevent more destabilisation of financial systems internationally, and to provide sustainable growth tightened up on lending criteria in banking and finance providers, and to protect consumers from being given unaffordable financial products. This is the reason that no doc loans are rare, and although they are rare, there is still certain requirements regarding the purchase of the property and other sundry features of the loan product. These include:


  • The loan to value ratio for a property financed under a no doc loan is generally 65% of the value of the property
  • Borrowers are viewed as higher risk and therefore interest rates, charges and fees are generally higher than that of lower risk borrowers
  • Non-traditional finance institutions generally offer no doc loans, meaning that their products are generally more expensive than traditional lenders
  • Lenders Mortgage Insurance is generally not available for no doc loans which enforces a stricter LVR on the borrower


No Doc Loan Advantages


The advantages of no doc loans are a high level of convenience for the borrower, and a high speed in processing time, meaning that the property can be acquired much faster than a standard process. Generally there is still some paperwork required with a no doc loan, and this would include:

  • A signed declaration of your income
  • Business Activity Statements
  • Recent tax returns


Generally the requirements of a no doc loan vary between lenders, and there is still some minor paperwork required, despite the title of a no doc loan. Low doc loans, as opposed to no doc loans will require bank statements and more detailed information about financial position, meaning that there is more administrative time involved in examining the paperwork and less convenience. Low doc loans are more common in Australia, but the no doc loan offers an option to those who would find it convenient, don’t meet the usual requirements for paperwork and have found a suitable property.


Property Restrictions With No Doc Loans

Due to the nature of the loan, it is generally regarded as only being a short term product, sought for a term between six months and three years, and after that time is meant to revert to either a regular loan, or be refinanced or paid out by the borrower. The other requirements and or restrictions for a security over the property include:

  • Postcode restriction on some properties
  • LVR restrictions for properties on islands
  • Properties in bad condition can be declined
  • There are restrictions in off the plan purchases, multiple units on one title, mine areas, flood area and landslip areas


No doc loans are typically 3 times the amount of interest of that of usual lenders, and due to the nature of the product, emphasis is placed on the value of the land or property, rather than the credentials of the borrower. When emphasis is placed on the equity in the property, and the value of the loan is no more than 65% of the entire value of the property, the requirements for the property are still quite strict, as the lender will repossess the property and sell it in order to recoup their costs, should a borrower fail to make repayments.


For Borrowers Confident Of Their Abilities

A no doc loan is good for a borrower who is confident in his or her abilities to make repayments, is looking to get into a property relatively quickly, and desires to fulfil the requirements of the lender, in order to access non-conforming finance. This can be suitable for a range of borrowers in non-traditional circumstances who typically are unable to access regular bank finance for a number of reasons.


No doc loans offer a better choice and accessibility of finance to those who deem it suitable and can ensure for themselves that they have an exit strategy or plan to refinance the property and can service the loan. It also assists in building a credit rating again when their circumstances have previously been unfavourable.

divorce lawyers in Sydney

Best Methods To Choosing Divorce Lawyers

Such is the stress and anxiety that is taking place for people going through a separation, the last issue they want to be contemplating is the selection of one of many of the divorce lawyers in Sydney market themselves locally. Yet this is the reality for individuals who require representation in a court of law, with so much at stake for their long-term wellbeing and that of their family.


From property settlements to child custody hearings, prenuptial agreements, de facto relationships, restraining and consent orders, there is a multitude of service varieties that these specialists provide. The question comes down to their relevance, field of expertise and how well they will operate for your particular circumstances.


Here we will examine the best methods of selecting one of the divorce lawyers in your area that will garner the best possible result. Nothing is guaranteed in the heat of a legal battle, but having a representative that undertakes their due diligence first requires you to do the same.

Budgetary Concerns


If you are prepared to go to court following a separation, that decision should be made with your finances firmly in mind. Divorce lawyers that make this fact evident from the get-go should be appreciated from this standpoint because there are operators in the past who take advantage in these situations. Whether they be on an hourly rate or on a retainer of some description, the client has a right to know how much they need to invest and for how long.

Referrals and Credentials


Similar to that of other professionals who are vying for your business, divorce lawyers must make transparent their referrals from previous clientele as well as their credentials. Each solicitor will require an official license and outline exactly where they sought their degree from. The representative will also derive a position in the firm, at the top as a partner or just as a solicitor who operates within the firm. Consider their experience and what others in a similar position have said about their process and mostly importantly, the results they achieve in court.

Case Studies


Divorce lawyers should be able to go one step further than just publishing their credentials that offer a snapshot or summary of previous cases. They should be able to walk through case studies where the client reached out under particular circumstances as they illustrate how a positive outcome was able to be garnered. This will speak to experience as well as a capacity to get the job done in the most efficient manner possible.

Personal Interactions and Gut Feeling


Amid all of the boxes that should be ticked before a final choice is made on the solicitor, divorce lawyers should be selected on instinct from the consultations between themselves and the client. Should they be distracted by external influences or provide advice that is contrary to your expectations and standards, then those red flags should be immediately addressed. The representative must give you 100% of the attention when they have your case in their hands. Anything less is worthy of a dismissal as you examine other options within the firm or outside it altogether.




Trying to source divorce lawyers from a wide field is certainly not an exact science. Each one will market themselves as the best in the business despite only a few actually possessing those qualities. What they must be able to provide is expertise for your case with proof of past success, complete transparency on financial demands and past history, as well as a gut feeling that speaks to a connection between solicitor and client. If those markers are positive, then each and every one of the divorce lawyers out there can be satisfied they are doing right by their client.

Things to look for in a plumber

There are so many plumbers in Blacktown – how do you know which bloke is going to be reliable, trustworthy and most affordable? It’s everyone’s nightmare to discover that your tradesman has slacked off and only fixed an issue temporarily, so that you’ll have to continuously call them back for blockages. And the last thing you want is a plumbing emergency – no one likes a bathroom stinking of sewerage.

So, before you choose a plumber in Blacktown to hand your money over to, here are some crucial factors to consider.

Accreditations and certifications

Legitimacy of a plumber in Blacktown is quite largely based on their accreditations and certifications. This will determine if they actually understand the situation your property’s fluid system is in, and its optimal solution. If your waste system is blocked, it may seem legitimate that the tradesperson fixes the issue by pumping a toilet plunger; however they should also examine the underlying causes behind the blockage and provide a long-term solution instead of a temporary fix.

Certification of at least a level 2 Diploma in Domestic Plumbing and Heating is crucial for ensuring your plumber in Blacktown is legitimate and can execute your plumbing effectively. You can actually check for the validity of their contractor licence online through the Service NSW government website. Don’t be afraid to enquire into a professional’s history!


Legitimate tradesmen should be heavily insured up to a large amount, so that any issues and damages to your property can be resolved with ease of mind that it will be covered. Any experienced plumber in Blacktown should know how easily damage can be accidentally caused to a property, so insurance is vital for covering these costs. If not, imagine the costs you will face in having to repair or even re-install an entire water system!

24 hour emergency

Knowing your plumber in Blacktown’s availability should also influence your decision. If a pipe suddenly bursts in your property, a 24 hour emergency service would be extremely useful. We all have busy lives, so to have an emergency issue unresolved until the next working day is just inconvenient and unwanted.

Customer promise

A company’s customer promises and values are a key indicator of a plumber in Blacktown’s legitimacy. A reliable and trustworthy plumbing company should have promises and values clearly featured in a well-designed website. From their website, you should be able to gauge the legitimacy and dedication of a company to their plumbing service.

Local or national

Both local and national companies have their own benefits. A local plumber in Blacktown, perhaps known through word of mouth, can feel friendlier and more personal. They should have a decent knowledge of your local area, and should be able to respond and arrive faster than national companies.

However, as national companies are bigger, they should have a reputation that you can rely on (otherwise the business would have collapsed!) The large corporation should, therefore, have legitimate professionals that can provide an ease of mind. However, it may take longer for the professional to reach your house, especially if you live in non-metropolitan areas.

Online reviews

Always look out for reviews written by other people as a key indicator of your tradesman’s reputation and service. Online reviews from those who have dealt with plumbers in Blacktown should be honest in their experiences, and would also provide recommendations on who to avoid. Negative reviews are to be expected, but always look for a large majority of positive reviews when choosing your plumber in Blacktown.


Aside from these factors to consider, always call and have a discussion with the plumber in Blacktown to gauge his or her character and commitment to their service. Knowing that your plumber in Blacktown is reliable and legitimate can make dealing with emergencies substantially less stressful – so you can carry on your day without having to worry about what your tradesman is doing to your property.