Great occasions for corporate gifts and merchandise

Handing out corporate gifts and merchandise is an important step in gaining clients and consumers’ trust and loyalty towards your business. Of course, it is not about bombarding them with these items as it can become overwhelming and annoying to constantly be receiving corporate gifts and merchandise from a specific business.

Finding the right corporate gifts and merchandise for the right occasion can be a really powerful marketing tool. Below is a list of occasions that are ideal situations for handing out gifts and merchandise.

Trade Shows

This is probably one of the more traditional environments for corporate offerings as it is an opportunity for people to really engage with and learn about your business.  Having a small offering in these circumstances provides the ideal connection for the customer or client to the business so that they remember their experience and are reminded of the company’s services.

A constant reminder of the company’s services or products to the consumer results in free, ongoing marketing for the firm an means that they are likely to choose that brand or product over another.

Employee recognition

Having corporate gifts and merchandise readily available at all times is a great way to ensure that there is always something valuable around to present to employees who have shown tremendous effort or reach a milestone.

Showing your employees that you care and value them as a member of your team and company is a great way to maintain and potentially increase their output whilst encouraging them to strive for greater heights within the firm.

Customer or client appreciation

Being able to show your customers and/or clients that you appreciate their loyalty and constant communication encourages them to continue to do so and go the extra mile for your business. Corporate gifts and merchandise are a great way of doing this as they are sure to remember who gave it to them but it also acts as a token of appreciation.

An offering that is able to both act as a gift and a small marketing opportunity is the ultimate win for your company. Customer appreciation is extremely beneficial not just for the short term of your business but the long term.

New product or service launch

Any business that is launching a new product or service should be eager to get it into the hands of consumers or clients. Word of mouth has been shown to be the most effective form of marketing for businesses leading a recommendation or sample into a conversion and continued purchases.

Offering corporate gifts and merchandise with or through the use of samples is a great way to encourage people to give the new product or service a try. This is designed to then convert people to continue to use the new product or service on a regular basis.

Promotional efforts

Beyond the above, there are so many more opportunities for companies to invest in corporate gifts and merchandise for their consumers and/or clients. When encouraging people to sign up to a newsletter or purchase a new product or even just to by a certain amount of a product, firms will often include a form of corporate gift or merchandise such as a towel, backpack etc. as a further incentive.

In the majority of instances these offerings made in conjunction with a promotion may be small but include items that can be used on a regular day-to-day basis. These incentives are another example of the huge benefit of a gift in that not only are people incentivised to buy their product, but they are also reminded on a daily basis of the company and the services or products that they offer. This results in continued marketing to that buyer free of charge for the company.

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