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Hair Straightening Tips

Preparation for straight finishes begins in the shower

Shampoo or conditioner, no matter how good it is, will not give you straight locks. But it will help moisturise. Dry locks are very brittle and even before straightening, can be very frizzy and will have trouble lying flat.

Professional stylists suggest using a brush to comb the conditioner evenly. The well-known Shiseido hair straightening offers a wide variety of care products. After gently rinsing, gently pat dry. If towel drying is very rigorous, natural curls will be retained and enhanced.



If done incorrectly, poor technique can cause more damage. Drying often results in more frizz. Especially when blow-drying is done on high heat, fast settings. Shiseido hair straightening procedures reduce the need to blow-dry as frequently.

When blow-drying, keep the nozzle pointed down to promote more direction and shape. Slowly move the blow-dryer across entire strands, blowing from root to tip to ensure ends dry out correctly. If you notice lots of lint and debris in your unit, it can result in overheating, so clean the filter. Try to blow-dry until about 80% dry, allowing the strands to naturally air dry. Ensure moisture is completely removed before using flat irons.


Correct brush or comb

Boar bristles are excellent at distributing oils evenly to achieve a smooth, shiny finish. This is very effective with thick growth and adds volume to fine or normal volume types too. When combing, dry vented brushes speed up the drying when brushing by allowing air to flow. Round barrel brushes can be used to add slight natural curls. For smooth finishes, any cushion-base or paddle brush will work best. Brushing, even after Shiseido hair straightening treatments main the glossy look.


Thermal Protectant

Shiseido hair straightening offers excellent thermal protection products that reduce damage.


Sectioning Strands

Work methodically separating strands into sections so you can focus equally on each part. As you run the flat iron through, hold strands tightly creating tension to flatten and smooth. Use wider flat irons when smoothing thicker locks.


Finishing Products

Shiseido hair straightening features a wide variety of quality care products.


Ceramic, Titanium or Tourmaline materials

Flat irons come in three different materials. Each has relevant trade-offs depending on your need.

Ceramic plates heat up quickly and allows for an even distribution of heat. These plates also have lower potential to burn tresses. Unfortunately, the ceramic coating on plates can chip off and cause snagging, so it is best to use plates made from pure ceramic.


Being metal, titanium plates heat up fastest and transfer heat quicker than ceramic. Titanium plates can actually cause less heat damage if used properly, but if not done, long plate contact can cause more damage.

Tourmaline is a crystalline mineral. It is crushed up and used to coat the ceramic plates of a flat iron. It makes strands shinier, and less frizzy than other flat iron options. Tourmaline plates are currently the most popular option among professionals.


Shiseido Hair Straightening Procedures

In addition to the best practices and consideration to the guidelines listed above, various procedures can be performed to prolong natural tresses. Shiseido hair straightening primarily refers to a unique treatment used to remove bonds that cause curls and waves. A special solution is applied to the scalp and then evenly distributed along tresses.

Similar to keratin treatments, Shiseido hair straightening does not use cancerous chemicals. These treatments are all performed by quality trained professionals. Advantages of such treatments include, more morning time, confidence and the ability to handle wet rain environments without the risk of frizz. Shiseido hair straightening treatment is well worth the cost lasting for up to 6 months.