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How to Have Your Wedding Day Captured the Way it is Meant to be

Before you write down your wedding vows and rehearse it one more time, consider circling back to where you started. No, it’s not about the vows and neither the catering nor décor. It’s about the dedicated Sydney wedding photographer who will capture the smiles, colours and emotions on your special day.

You are marrying the love of your life. You are happy and excited long before the Big Day arrives. However, amidst all the excitement, it is common to miss out on important details like hiring the right wedding photographer to document your nuptials.

A wedding without a wedding photographer is incomplete in every sense. There are several moments that need to be captured before the two of you say ‘I do’. But how everything is going to be captured should be figured out early on to avoid last-minute disappointment – because a few years down the line, you will not want to look at your wedding photos and feel nothing special about them.

When it comes to deciding the budget, you can hire an elite wedding photographer or perhaps who has just started out, depending on how much you value the craft. But that doesn’t put an end to your struggle. Almost every wedding photographer in Australia is a trained one and pretty much knows how to click frame-worthy photos, but even their best approach might not work for you. This is where you need to establish an understanding and let your photographer know what is expected of him/her.

Here are five ways your wedding photographer can document your special day the way it is meant to be.


Have yourself and your partner captured in broad daylight, without artificial lights following you everywhere. Your wedding photographer should be skilled enough to negotiate shadows and other challenges that accompany this photography style. If done right, the results will be stunning photographs that make your heart skip a beat.


Candid photography is all about capturing images in the moment as opposed to a contrived approach. Candid is essentially the new-age posed photography, and the best part is you don’t have to make efforts to stand still and keep staring into the lens till eternity.


This reality-based wedding photography style is gaining popularity among couples of modern times, and wedding photographers, on the other hand, up the ante by giving their personal touch to this approach. If you want to go by this style, make sure your appointed wedding photographer has a knack for it.


Wedding photos can seem boring without exciting backgrounds and unique compositions. If you don’t want your wedding album to end up being just another photography project, ask your wedding photographer if he/she can put a creative spin on it. Since the results will depend on the experience and expertise of your photographer, it pays to choose the right wedding photographer who can pull off illustrative style as if he created it.


This conventional approach to wedding photography when combined with any of the aforementioned styles completes the big picture. As they rightly said, “old is gold”.

In today’s day and age where Social Media is your new address, can you afford not to grace it with your wedding pictures? Before posting your wedding photos on Social Media, it is essential that they pass through post-production and refinement.

All the best for a new exciting life ahead!