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How To Prepare For An Abortion Procedure

Although many women hope it won’t happen to them, the simple truth is that sometimes accidents happen, and you may find yourself accidently pregnant. Having a child can be an incredible and beautiful thing, when you’re ready for it. However, for women who are not ready yet, it can be terrifying.

Luckily, there are options for the modern women, in the form of pregnancy termination clinics. If you have decided that an abortion is the right option for you, there are several ways in which you can mentally and physically prepare yourself before the procedure.


Educate yourself

The first thing you should do before visiting a pregnancy termination clinic is educate yourself about the available options. What many women don’t know is that there are different types of abortion, so make sure you familiarise yourself with these before going ahead.

There are two main types of abortion that are available at a pregnancy termination clinic; medical and surgical.

Approximately 25% of women opt for a medical abortion, which is most commonly known as the abortion pill. This procedure is non-invasive and often only has minimal side effects. However, it is important to remember that only women who are 10 weeks or less through their pregnancy can have a medical abortion.

The second type of procedure is more invasive and involves surgery. It is possible for women much further along in their pregnancy to receive a surgical abortion than a medical abortion.


Be sure


It is important to remember that the choice to get an abortion is yours and yours alone. The people who love you will understand that it is a difficult decision and will not pressure you. However, before you take any action, you need to be sure; there needs to be no doubt in your mind that you are making the correct decision for you.

If you are struggling to come to terms with your satiation and determine what is best for you, try talking to your friends and family, or even a councillor. None of these people can make the choice for you, but they can help you work through the pros and cons of all options.


Be aware of the state laws


In Australia, the laws on abortion are a little complicated; this is because each state has their own regulations. Due to this, where you live in the country could have an impact on how you go about visiting a pregnancy termination clinic.

Therefore, if you decide that you may want to get an abortion, do some research and find out the laws of your state. The more information you have beforehand, the less stressful the entire process will be for you.


Remember that abortions are safe

There is a common misconception when it comes to abortions; many people believe them to be unsafe. However, the reality is that pregnancy termination clinics and the services they offer are amongst the safest routine medical procedures you can have.

It is natural to be nervous or frightened before any medical procedure, but it is also important to remember that they are safe and undertaken by women on a daily basis.


Get supplies

One of the best things you can do to prepare for either a medical or a surgical abortion is stock up on supplies. It is generally recommended that you take the day before the procedure off, as well as the day of the procedure.

The best thing you can do is make sure your home is comfortable when you return from the pregnancy termination clinic. A great way of doing this is by stocking up on essentials such as pads and painkillers as well as food. Choose foods that are appealing to you and will encourage you to eat during your recovery.

After you have visited a pregnancy termination clinic, it is essential to ensure that you look after yourself both physically and emotionally.