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Keen for a Night of Celebration? Here’s Why You Need Pizza in Marrickville

If you’re out celebrating with friends and family, you want to make sure that the night starts the right way. The success of a party is often predicated on how good the food is. People want to have a good time with great conversations, however, if the food is a little off or isn’t a hit with everyone, your party could be in trouble. Having said this, there are certain cuisines that are generally a hit with most guests. The Italian cuisine is highly-regarded for its popularity and versatility and this is one of the primary reasons why you need pizza in Marrickville for your next celebration. However, that’s not the only reason to indulge in this delicious delicacy – let’s check out a few more!


Delivery or eat-in?

One of the great benefits of eating pizza in Marrickville is that you have the flexibility of being able to eat-in, order takeaway or even have it delivered to your home. This is because this Italian culinary gem can be prepared at a rapid rate and delivered to your home in no time. Indeed, this makes it the perfect catering option for a night of celebration, regardless of whether you decide to eat-in at the restaurant or have it delivered to the party location (i.e. your home or function centre).



Ordering pizza in Marrickville and having it delivered to your home is also way more convenient. Forget driving to the restaurant and picking up your order – you can ask for the order to be delivered directly to your home, saving you money on petrol, parking or any stress relating to traffic. Likewise, it also saves you the time of having to cook a meal for your party guests, which can be incredibly time-consuming and frustrating, particularly if you’re catering for a very large group of people. Preparing nibbles that will appease everyone’s dietary requirements is basically impossible in today’s society.



Furthermore, pizza in Surry Hill is a great catering option because of the innate variety and flexibility of the food itself. There are so many different creations of this Italian delicacy, to the point that almost anyone can find something suitable for them. Vegetarian? Just take away the meat. Vegan? Specify that all meat and cheese is to be removed. When it comes to pizza in Marrickville, there are even gluten-free bases for those that have a gluten intolerance or individuals trying to minimize their gluten intake. Even if you don’t have any dietary needs, you can always customise your existing favourites – ask for more meat on your Supreme or a little less pineapple on your Hawaiian.


Perfect party food

Organising a delivery of pizza in Marrickville is also a great choice because it is the ideal food option when it comes to sharing amongst several guests. It’s one of the easiest ways to feed every guest adequately and leaves the eating decisions up to the guest. If they’re not particularly hungry, they don’t have to engorge themselves – it also saves them the awkwardness or perceived rudeness of turning away a home-cooked meal. Just make sure that you have enough for every guest and give them the autonomy.


Who said it had to be unhealthy?

While a delivery of pizza in Marrickville would conventionally be labelled an “unhealthy decision”, it doesn’t necessarily have to be. In fact, there are plenty of ways that you can inject some health into your party feed and enhance its nutritional value. Ask the restaurant to add more veggies or even opt for a gluten-free base. Thin crusts generally contain less calories than a classic crust and make sure you still clear of cheese-filled crusts if you’re trying to watch the waist line.