solar water heater

Key Benefits of Owning a Solar Water Heater

Every household needs a means of accessing hot water. From baths and showers to dishwashing and cleaning, it is imperative in this day and age that homeowners, renters and families don’t encounter any imperatives to this facet of daily living.


The question for the consumer then comes down to the type of hot water cylinder that should be installed or updated. From conventional storage tanks to a hybrid heat pump or a tankless model, there is no lack of choice for the user.


Here we will outline why a solar water heater system is the ideal platform to utilise. While there can be some downside in certain regions on initial cost and accessibility, there is far more upside, particularly when it comes to long-term viability.


These are the key benefits for opting for a solar water heater system:

Space Saving


An A-typical solar water heater should take up no more space than 2m x 1m per panel, with each system usually comprising between 2-3 panels. The traditional model of utilising heavy tanks and pumps simply requires more space around the house, an extra hassle and impairment that hampers the capacity of a house or unit. The solar model enables the water to be heated without the consumer giving it a second thought, as it is out of sight and out of mind.

Financial Gains



For consumers who are worried about the bottom dollar of investing in an enterprise such as a solar water heater, they should be aware that the financial gains in the medium to long-term far outweigh the burden of the initial cost. Various reports emanating from energy resource companies illustrate that the solar option is the more viable when it comes to the monthly household power bill. Some consumers are put off by the installation fee, yet those that do agree to this option reap more rewards when it comes to their bottom line.



A standard solar water heater system is said to transition 80% of radiation into heat energy. This is an efficient property that requires less input to generate the hot water for a household as it stores and maintains more energy that the older models. By using diffused energy, heat can be accessed regardless of the cloud cover on any given day or evening.

Helping the Environment


A solar water heater will ensure that your location has lower carbon footprint than traditional systems. For many citizens, this will be a great asset and incentive to install whilst others will focus purely on the bottom line. Needless to say that a healthier environment is an investment for everyone.

Less Maintenance


Once your solar water heater has been set-up, the necessity for maintenance is barely evident. Outside of the occasional check up to ensure that the system is functioning correctly, there won’t need to be continual servicing and fixing compared to the tanks and pumps that experience more strain on a daily basis. A quality solar install will enjoy a lifespan between 15-20 years and that translates to seeing fewer professionals having to appear on site and check that everything is running as smoothly as it was on day one. That is incredibly valuable for the consumer to cut down on that maintenance time.



Still unconvinced about purchasing a solar water heater? Like any major household investment, it is worthwhile discussing the matter with trusted friends and family members who have examined the evidence for themselves to see if it will suit your circumstances. The good news is that more providers are catering the needs of the solar water heater market. Soon we will reach a juncture where they are more commonplace than the alternative.