Profitable Online Business Ideas

In 2018 there are still many tried and tested brands that are delivering the essentials. From plumbers to caterers, technicians and accountants – there will be constants in the marketplace that never fluctuate given the nature of their work.

Yet there are emerging products and services that are beginning to showcase themselves and here is where a business idea can become incredibly profitable.

Here we will discuss some of the key new online business ideas that have illustrated a recent track record in garnering tangible success.

App Developer

Whether it be Apple or Android, the smartphone has revolutionised how modern business is done, both from the perspective of the enterprise and the consumer. The ability then of a brand to craft applications to operate on these devices becomes paramount as freelance developers design a service that delivers the necessary features for the customer. This industry is booming and there is no sign of it slowing down in the short to medium term future.

Social Media Consultancy

Want to enjoy all the benefits brought about by social media, but don’t have the time or expertise to execute a campaign properly? This is where a social media consultancy comes into play. Yes there are services such as Hootsuite available to host all accounts under one banner and while they offer analytics, they stop short of designing and crafting campaigns that fit the brand in question. Consultancy operation that specialise in this department are seeing tremendous growth.

3rd Party Customer Service

Outsourcing customer service is now fairly common practice among many businesses that need to invest their resources into other departments that absorb most attention in the short-term. Successful organisations in the world of commerce have to engage in correct practice when it comes to customer service in an age where ratings and reviews are major gauges to authenticity and quality. Companies continue to seek outside help to see their customers receive the duty of care they warrant while their programs are being focused on internally. It is a win-win scenario.


Blogging is something of the Wild West on the web whereby amateurs and professionals alike can craft content and trade on ideas from all corners of the globe. Whatever the language and whatever the discipline, there is always something to write about and always someone out there willing to read it.

The beauty of this practice lies in its versatility and ability to be monetised. Paid posts and paid review are common practice, and that is before Ad clicks and impressions come into the equation. The trick to begin with is sourcing an audience, then it is leveraging that insight where the real money is made.