busy lights

Reasons you didn’t know your business needs busy lights

Busy lights are revolutionising how businesses manage office productivity and efficiency. Essentially these small but smart devices connect to your laptop or PC and transmit a signal to a light to tell your co-workers if you are available or not.

As companies start to utilise softphone applications such as Skype for business and Microsoft Teams, the communication of the workplace can suffer. These devices aim to correct the misalignment and put your business back on the winning track.

Now while the concept may be easy to understand there are some underlying benefits to busy lights that people don’t yet know of. Below I will delve deep into the reasons you should invest in busy lights that you didn’t know.

They’re easy to use

A big selling point for these products is that they are incredibly easy to use. To set them up all you have to do is plug them in and then install the relevant software. Once you have installed the software your essentially good to go.

You see, the busy lights can connect to Microsoft Teams or Skype for business software and automatically change the light status of your busy light. This way you don’t have to fiddle around with anything when you enter a Skype for business or Microsoft team meeting. Additionally after your call you can set it to a do not disturb mode where it tells everyone in your vicinity that you cannot talk at this moment. Because of the simplicity of the colours as well, it’s easy to understand and implement in any work place.

Better with sound

A lot of offices face the challenge of trying to hear the Microsoft Team or Skype for business call in a loud and busy working environment. Normally people have the laptops or PCs either muted or set to play through a headset which could lead to important phone calls being missed or forgotten.

To counteract this limitation present in the workplace, busy lights have the capability to play sounds to further alert those within the area. This further increase the productivity and efficiency of your workplace.

The vast range of products

Generally when people think busy lights, they immediately picture a dull light that emits different colours. Businesses and technology is constantly being updated so the way we manage productivity should as well.

Busy lights have adapted to the changing environment and can be implemented in many different scenarios. Different products can accommodate for different environments. Examples would include busy light headsets, laptop light indicators, general cubicle displays, name plaques and even power points. How adaptable they are along with their ease of use really transforms the way that offices can communicate and in turn create a workplace that is efficient and productive.

So if your business primarily uses softphone communication you can be sure that there is room for improvement when it comes to your communication. Busy lights are that solution and are the perfect addition to the up and coming business of the future.