Sourcing Keywords For Your Online Marketing Campaigns

Online marketers and SEO experts alike require keywords to be the lifeblood of their campaigns. These are terms that act as signals to draw in traffic, setting a domino effect that will hopefully end in higher streams of clicks, shares, impressions and ultimately revenue.


Yet how do you source these critical keywords? How to decide between a term or phrase that is potentially too generic or too niche for your audience to locate your brand?


This balancing act will be an ongoing concern for all enterprises, but those that follow a set of core practices will get ahead of the game.

Keyword Planner


Whether you are a Google account holder or prefer an alternative brand that services your keyword needs, the most important step to undertake is research. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to this endeavour and no substitute that will suffice here. Marketers must accumulate all keywords that are on the page and plug them into the system. This will produce a series of up to the minute results based on competition, price, relevance and overall currency, i.e. the expected return on investment. That is a platform in which all decisions can be based from.

Competitor Research


Competitor research is a vital element for any online marketer as they study the brands that are succeeding and understanding for what makes best practice. Perhaps they are utilising keywords based on geography in the headings and tags? Maybe the meta descriptions are including major brand names and labels? Whatever the case is, you should have an in-depth insight into the niche and how it is performing and evolving with keywords online.

Related Search Terms Index


If you are an authority on your niche, you will know a category and grouping of relative keywords. However, that might be limited to a dozen or so and once there is a need to expand, the repertoire is exhausted. Here is where a basic Google search can do the work for you, where a related search term icon will produce a list of alternatives at the foot of each page. Take note of these and see what your consumers are looking for.

Trending Topics


As customer search habits shift and evolve from day to day, it is vital to checking breaking news and seeing what is changing in your niche. Social media applications such as Facebook and Twitter are ideal in this respect and whilst a topic might only have a short lifespan for a keyword, they are able to be leveraged for greater visibility for a window of time.