Things to look for in a plumber

There are so many plumbers in Blacktown – how do you know which bloke is going to be reliable, trustworthy and most affordable? It’s everyone’s nightmare to discover that your tradesman has slacked off and only fixed an issue temporarily, so that you’ll have to continuously call them back for blockages. And the last thing you want is a plumbing emergency – no one likes a bathroom stinking of sewerage.

So, before you choose a plumber in Blacktown to hand your money over to, here are some crucial factors to consider.

Accreditations and certifications

Legitimacy of a plumber in Blacktown is quite largely based on their accreditations and certifications. This will determine if they actually understand the situation your property’s fluid system is in, and its optimal solution. If your waste system is blocked, it may seem legitimate that the tradesperson fixes the issue by pumping a toilet plunger; however they should also examine the underlying causes behind the blockage and provide a long-term solution instead of a temporary fix.

Certification of at least a level 2 Diploma in Domestic Plumbing and Heating is crucial for ensuring your plumber in Blacktown is legitimate and can execute your plumbing effectively. You can actually check for the validity of their contractor licence online through the Service NSW government website. Don’t be afraid to enquire into a professional’s history!


Legitimate tradesmen should be heavily insured up to a large amount, so that any issues and damages to your property can be resolved with ease of mind that it will be covered. Any experienced plumber in Blacktown should know how easily damage can be accidentally caused to a property, so insurance is vital for covering these costs. If not, imagine the costs you will face in having to repair or even re-install an entire water system!

24 hour emergency

Knowing your plumber in Blacktown’s availability should also influence your decision. If a pipe suddenly bursts in your property, a 24 hour emergency service would be extremely useful. We all have busy lives, so to have an emergency issue unresolved until the next working day is just inconvenient and unwanted.

Customer promise

A company’s customer promises and values are a key indicator of a plumber in Blacktown’s legitimacy. A reliable and trustworthy plumbing company should have promises and values clearly featured in a well-designed website. From their website, you should be able to gauge the legitimacy and dedication of a company to their plumbing service.

Local or national

Both local and national companies have their own benefits. A local plumber in Blacktown, perhaps known through word of mouth, can feel friendlier and more personal. They should have a decent knowledge of your local area, and should be able to respond and arrive faster than national companies.

However, as national companies are bigger, they should have a reputation that you can rely on (otherwise the business would have collapsed!) The large corporation should, therefore, have legitimate professionals that can provide an ease of mind. However, it may take longer for the professional to reach your house, especially if you live in non-metropolitan areas.

Online reviews

Always look out for reviews written by other people as a key indicator of your tradesman’s reputation and service. Online reviews from those who have dealt with plumbers in Blacktown should be honest in their experiences, and would also provide recommendations on who to avoid. Negative reviews are to be expected, but always look for a large majority of positive reviews when choosing your plumber in Blacktown.


Aside from these factors to consider, always call and have a discussion with the plumber in Blacktown to gauge his or her character and commitment to their service. Knowing that your plumber in Blacktown is reliable and legitimate can make dealing with emergencies substantially less stressful – so you can carry on your day without having to worry about what your tradesman is doing to your property.