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Three common mistakes businesses make when moving property

Moving your business is a huge step to take – it involves a lot of planning, research, and disruption. Some businesses might be tempted to cut corners in order to save financial cost, but this often results in more cost for the business in terms of time, efficiency, and effectiveness.

If you want to ensure that the process is smooth and involves the minimum amount of stress for your company, using a tenants advisory service is your best bet. With services such as financial analysis and lease negotiation, new premises search and evaluation, market research, and fit out management, a tenants advisory service can fast track a business’ search for property and cut costs.

Without the right professional help, businesses are prone to making mistakes! Below are three common errors companies make when dealing with property moving!

Underestimating and misjudging time

Companies often misjudge the complexity of moving projects, and don’t account for the time needed when it comes to the planning and execution. This can cause further problems down the line when activities are continuously pushed behind schedule, which is why companies often source a tenants advisory service to prevent such results.

The underestimation and misjudging of time and cost is common for businesses as often, company executives overlook key aspects of the moving process. Let’s face it – executives may be great at managing the company but managing a property move is a completely different ballpark.

The mismatch of the moving schedule with the company schedule could cause a lot of chaos. Just like with most big decisions, it’s useful to get an expert’s opinion. A tenants advisory service will help your company estimate time to move its affairs in order accordingly.

Deciding on the wrong property

Choosing the right property is a major decision, with multiple factors such as market research, the exploration of all possibilities, screening process and property attributes. Property is a long term thing! Whether you are leasing or buying, relocating is a trying process and the need for it should be minimised when you decide on a new property.

Tenants advisory services can assist you in finding a new property that matches your company’s needs and wants. By scoping out the market for you and presenting all the options available for your company’s new location, tenants advisory services can make your property decision a long term benefit!

Inadequate planning

If you’re not careful in planning, you could choose a property which is ill-fitted for your business operations. This is a mistake you definitely don’t want to make! The assurance of a property that supports your business’ daily operations is essential, and using a tenants advisory service will help your planning immensely.

Without a tenants advisory service, poor planning can result in mistakes such as paying for space that is unnecessary for your business, using ineffective interior design and fit-out providers, a lack of awareness of what’s happening around your property, and creating a space that doesn’t fit your business strategy.

You must also consider if the property you are considering moving to will allow for your business’ growth in the long term. Not thinking long term can be an error and cause you huge long term costs. Equipped with the experience and knowledge necessary to consider all aspects of property management, a tenants advisory service will help you in matters regarding your business premises.

A tenants advisory service is a useful tool that can prevent your business from unfortunate mistakes. Property is a big deal and you should never try to cut corners or dismiss its significance for your company’s productivity and value. Mistakes in moving premises can cause even more costs or impact negativity on your workplace and business performance.