Top Marketing Tips For YouTube

Video marketing is pure gold. For online marketers who need great content that attracts new eyeballs and keeps that attention for long spans of time, video has the advantage over every other form of media.


This is why YouTube as a social media platform is so popular. Here is an outlet that offers every brand a chance to shine but rather than simply flying blindly off into a marketing endeavour, you are better served in the long-term to take note of how successful organisations reach their targets on this platform.

Take Competition Notes


Research is an underutilised aspect that translates across the entire field of online marketing. Seeing how a brand can sit at the top of a search list by engaging in some clever techniques will really give you a more comprehensive picture and some lessons to learn. YouTube is not an intricate and complicated beast that must be tamed, it is simply a tool where some basic principles must be adhered to. Note the major players in your niche and see how they have curated a following that you strive to achieve.

Compatible for HD


Standard definition video is old news. Given the rapid speed of progress with desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphone brands like Samsung, iPhone and Blackberry, streaming high definition is paramount. Ensure whatever video you produce is available in high definition because more users have access to this option following the growth of WiFi and 4G internet options.


Interactive, Educational or Both


Every YouTube video should be crafted with a purpose in mind. Is the goal to educate the consumers on a new product or service? Is it an update or a chance to showcase something new and revolutionary? If it ticks none of those boxes and the target is to drive online metrics, make it a fun and interactive experience. Let the marketing department loose and have fun with it.

Ace The Headline


There is a major search engine optimisation (SEO) component that comes inherent with YouTube publishing. As well as the tags and descriptions that round out a post just as a URL would for a domain name, the headline for a video should be on-point and draw the searcher into watching the video. In this example, a YouTube video would be put in plain English to achieve the best possible outcome: “YouTube Marketing Tips For Your Business.” See this field from the perspective of the end user – if you were searching for your brand, what would you type into the search bar? This is why the headline is so vital.