When Firms Cannot Claim To Be Among The Top Family Lawyers in Sydney

How much cachet does a legal firm like Unified Lawyers need to be considered as one of the top family lawyers in Sydney?

These establishments are incredibly competitive, attempting to convince spouses that their guidance and expertise is more credible than the alternative options in the market.

There are instances whereby these businesses fail their duty and place their constituents into greater debt and despair.

This is where the best practitioners are required.

Time to examine when firms cannot claim to be among the top family lawyers in Sydney – signaling what practices to avoid.


Fail to Notify, Communicate and Schedule Correctly

The top family lawyers in Sydney make it a priority to schedule appointments and communicate effectively with their clients. These situations often produce a high level of stress and anxiety on their behalf and to calm those nerves and alleviate tension, they have to be able to notify for updates and provide pathways to a suitable outcome. When these institutions neglect their duty, they will fall down the pecking order against their peers. Any reputable organisation will have their team servicing their needs, including the use of a fully qualified secretary to handle some of the day-to-day tasks.


Forgetting Key Case Facts

Top family lawyers in Sydney have to be on top of the facts of a case and understand what risks their client could be exposed to and what opportunities present themselves with the opposing counsel. These are basic errors that can be incredibly costly when the final deliberation is announced, proving the be the difference between winning a child custody battle or handing over possession of a valuable piece of property. Individual solicitors are consistently in competition with one and other and overlooking key facts is a habit that no professional should fall into.


Unable to Source Evidence

In order to win over and influence a judge, top family lawyers in Sydney are called upon to source evidence that will sway their opinion one way or the other. From character references and police reports to bank statements, credit records, DNA tests and other vital pieces of evidence, this will form the basis of a case put forward in local court. When solicitors keep reaching a dead end without the capacity to find materials that will beneficial to the cause, that is a red flag for the client who has to come prepared and ready to advocate for their rights.


Lack of Firm Resources

client talking to lawyers

To be considered the top family lawyers in Sydney, it helps to have a significant weight of resources behind them. Expertise is not always judged according to a balance sheet, the types of suits that are worn or the cars they drive, but additional resources allows a firm to go above and beyond what a modest outlet could offer. From small and large details alike including printers and photocopiers to reliable WiFi access and a team of experienced paralegals, these are the types of services that can transition a good law firm to a top one.


Continue To Reach Unsatisfactory Outcomes

Amid all of the talk about communication and research skills, no business can label themselves part of the top family lawyers in Sydney if they continue to reach unsatisfactory outcomes. This is a results-orientated industry first and foremost. Many cases that are fought between spouses reach settlements where a generic ‘win or loss’ scenario is not always evident, but it will be clear by the reactions of the clients what they think of the performance of their counsel given previous expectations. The best gauge to use to make a determination on this count is to read and assess online reviews, reading the feedback and taking into account how they performed given the circumstances.