Why Customer Service Matters To Your Online Marketing Campaign

Customer service and marketing can be considered two vastly different fields. Yet they do happen to overlap more than businesses care to admit and in a digital landscape that is evolving and diverse, these disciplines happen to have a lot in common.


It is imperative that every digital enterprise firstly respects the need to have a customer service presence, but also appreciate and acknowledge how it can benefit your online marketing endeavours.

Adding Value


One of the great lessons that online marketers are taught from the get-go is to add value for their consumer base. Whether it is through quality content, extra promotions or educational videos and articles that informs the consumer, brands need to offer their clients maximum amount of value at all times. This is where customer service comes into play because an outlet that has a superior operation in this field will see more traffic as a result. When queries are answered and problems are resolved, that is value that cannot be manufactured. It is entirely organic.

Boost To Social Media Standing


Social media is an environment that is helps the consumer and the brand to have direct engagement. Whether that is positive, negative or otherwise, these profiles offer an open communication pathway. Here is where resources that could be thrown at a large and expensive customer service operation can be diverted to a social media presence that helps the customer to be informed and responded to in real time. Sites like Facebook will inform the user as to the response time and the healthier this is for the organisation, the better standing they are in for visibility and overall reach to the marketplace.

Time Engagement


A crucial element for search engine optimisation (SEO) is the capacity of a website to keep their core audience engaged. In other words, it is not purely down to the amount of clicks a brand can generate, but how long they can maintain their attention at any one time. A thorough and well executed customer service platform is a means of addressing this challenge head on.

Reviews and Ratings


This is the lifeblood of online marketers in the age of the shared economy. Users trust other users and the rating out of 5 and the comments section for customer satisfaction is paramount. The more positive reviews, the greater the capacity to draw in more members. Ratings and reviews are central to every online marketing endeavour and they cannot be ignored. A customer service model that functions well will counteract most grievances.