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Why You Should Try Online Wedding Invitations

The traditional vs. new technology debate sparks passionate responses, none more so than when it relate to the announcement of impending nuptials. There are some common prejudices and assumptions often attached to using e-vites, but the truth is they’re becoming more and more acceptable to use. They’re easy, convenient and cost effective.

Read on to find out about the benefits of using online wedding invitations and why some of the common objections to going digital are no longer valid.


Common objections to online wedding invitations

Firstly let’s dispense with some of the common objections that people make about going digital for the announcement of their event details. Here are some common reasons people might be reluctant to try the digital approach;

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Digital cards aren’t as elegant

Your big day is supposed to be an elegant event. It the day where the focus is entirely on you as a couple, and most brides want to it be completely perfect, right down to the stationary.

Using fancy card and stock can be exceptionally expensive, especially once factoring in the cost of sending via snail mail. Digital e-vites are only a fraction of the cost, and perhaps this is partially why the perception that they are less elegant persists.

Most people are still likely thinking back to the tacky e-vites they received for Christmas in the noughties  when they think about receiving anything by email but this is no longer reality. The truth is that today’s version are far more stylish. There is a plethora of options on the web to suit all tastes and every budget, there’s truly something for everyone on the internet.


You end up using both paper and digital

A common argument is that not everyone is on email, so you usually end up sending both paper and email announcements and this adds to the cost and is more difficult to track. This is not actually the case.

Maybe you will have a few dinosaurs in the family who won’t receive the email, or more traditional family members who really want to receive the snail-mail version of your invite, most online suppliers actually make it possible to have both options now.

You can do short print runs of small quantities for very small sums of money in a similar design to your chosen e-vite, no need to go through separate suppliers. The cost of print are very small now, so it is a viable option to use both and reduce your spend by sending the majority out as online wedding invitations.


People will look down on online wedding invitations

At the end of the day, your big day is about you. The problem is that any big event tends to bring out the worst in people and they are prone to giving their opinions on every small detail, even when it’s not welcomed.

People will have their prejudices and will probably have something to say about your choices on far more than just the announcements (wait until they start on the dress!) but it’s not their day.

The money you can save by going digital could be put to better use on the things that matter to you more, like the honeymoon.


Benefits of online wedding invitations

There are some clear benefits to going digital, primarily that it can save you both time and money. If you’re on a tight wedding budget then this can be an easy way to control your costs.

Not only that, it’s better for the environment and much simpler to keep track of responses.

Online wedding invitations offer so many customization options and are the best choice for modern couples.