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Your Guide to Hiring a Wedding Photographer in Sydney

The prospect of getting married is both one of the most nerve-wracking yet rewarding experiences of one’s life. Hiring a wedding photographer in Sydney could be one of the best decisions you make when the months and months of planning finally come to fruition. Having said this, it is pivotal that you carefully plan your choice of cameraman for your marriage ceremony. Indeed, there are many things you need to consider, including what type of photos you want for your event, your provider’s level of experience, amongst other things. So, here’s your comprehensive guide on acquiring the services of a wedding photographer in Sydney.


Know your style

It is essentially that you know what type of images you want before hiring a cameraman. This is because this will ultimately influence what type of wedding photographer in Sydney you need. Make sure you spend heaps of time perusing through samples from different providers, finding which imagery and style interests you the most. It could be formal-posed portraits or something a little more modern and unique. Moreover, you may want photos with heavy contrast and focus. Whatever your style might look like, you need to ensure that your wedding photographer in Sydney can fulfill your needs and take the right photos for your ceremony.


Analyse full albums

You should never base your decision on what you find in a highlights gallery. Why? Because a lot of providers will show only the best images and portfolios from past clients. It is by no means representative of quality or consistency. Always remember that you’re seeing the best of their best when you’re looking through albums. Instead, make sure you ask for full albums of their past work, as this will ensure that you are receiving a well-rounded, more accurate view of their entire body of work.


Make sure they are on the same page

It is really important that your wedding photographer in Sydney understands their role and possesses professional traits. If you decide to ask a family friend to take pictures for the day, they lose sight of their role for the day. They want to celebrate with you and your family, so they might forget that they are meant to be taking pictures. Alternatively, hiring a professional cameraman for the day will ensure that this doesn’t happen. You need a professional who understands their role on the day: take pictures, be polite to guests and stay out of the way. Experience is important, yet you don’t want someone who is just going to pawn your ceremony off to an associate.


Compare prices

Make sure that you ask for prices and their range of packages offered. It can be difficult to nail down an exact number, purely because you’re not sure what type of albums you want, nor are you quite sure as to how many hours of coverage you will require. However, being proactive and trying to get a benchmark figure can really help you when making your decision. A wedding photographer in Sydney could charge anywhere between $2500 to $15000, depending on the scale of the event or the required hours of coverage.


Prepare together

It’s been established that you and your wedding photographer in Sydney need to be on the same page. It’s pivotal that both parties are adequately prepared for the day. Any mishaps could be really costly. Make sure you provide your cameraman with a timeline of the day, as this will give them an idea as to when the pictures can be taken without slowing down the event. It’s also important that you let them know of any family details, like divorced parents or strained friendships. At the same time, don’t try to overly structure your wedding photographer in Sydney – let them do their thing.