myob stock control

How Does MYOB Improve Your Stock Control?

The MYOB brand is synonymous with the notion of stock control. Australia’s favourite software services brand has taken on the Mind Your Own Business package to new heights as providers from all types of industries have embraced what this system has to offer.


Given the advent of the cloud and the integration with new digital technologies, this is an application that has been utilised to eliminate confusion, to issue uniformity and clarity among businesses practices, and to take enterprises to the next level with their long-term objectives.


Here we will examine MYOB stock control to illustrate why this program will suit your needs.

Pricing Flexibility


Given the size of your operation, there will be likelihood that you will want some flexibility and freedom when it comes to the pricing structure of your products. Fortunately MYOB delivers on stock control by allowing you to cater to that need as you structure your assets individually, by bulked discounts, in groups or by selective profile.


The alternative option to manage selective price lists and undertake this task manually takes up plenty of human hours in the warehouse and this program eliminates that concern from the company completely. MYOB is vital for stock control when you think of the potential to issue selective valuation methods and to manage inventory through current cost practices.

Multiple Location Programming


The larger corporations that have more than one warehouse and depot department require a software application that is far-reaching and powerful to manage simultaneous demands on a daily basis. MYOB’s stock control capacity allows brands to utilise multiple locations from a series of different users at all levels, a facet that should not be ignored or undervalued.


Inventory quantities that are judged and determined by location-specific applications like MYOB boosts a company’s ability to distribute and redistribute where they see as necessary. This cuts down on lost revenue and improves the levels of efficiency that are vital to a business’s viability in the market.

Custom Reports


It is not enough for MYOB to just gauge on stock control, but to judge, analyse and examine how the stock is performing. This program takes your company to the next level by issuing customised reports, speaking to their order history, their currency in the market and potential standing in other markets. Such insight allows management to shift their priorities when it comes to seasonal change and objectives.

Comprehensive Stock Visibility


No matter what department you happen to be situated in, from the lower levels of the warehouse to upper management where decisions are made at the sharper point of the hierarchy, MYOB delivers on stock control through comprehensive visibility. This up to the minute data is produced in real time to illustrate to the reporters and analysts exactly what value the stock has and what status it is sitting at during any single time. During business hours you can sit down and gauge whether a bulked item or single item has been ordered, committed or on order.



Hoping to run a warehouse with a clipboard, pen and paper is an age that has come and gone. In 2018, you need a thorough and detailed package as it has proven that MYOB delivers on stock control. The variables that are open to interpretation and human error cost the business on the bottom line and to be profitable, you need to eliminate waste and take charge of opportunities that present themselves. To achieve this outcome, you need to accept that MYOB delivers on stock control and to utilise it for your brand.