How Viable Are Digital Marketing Jobs in 2018?

How Viable Are Digital Marketing Jobs in 2018?

Of all the graduate degrees, classes and opportunities that are available for young adults to explore for career options, digital marketing jobs happens to be a recurring theme for many.


From the outside looking in, such a profession appears to be too niche to comprehend without the history or substance to take it seriously. However, looking at a career in a SEO agency can be very rewarding.


Given the alternatives that will be presented to high school and university attendants as they forge their own future, from medical science to accounting, crafting a trade or working in the IT sector, there are preconceptions about the merits of an endeavour in the world of digital marketing.


Fortunately there has been enough evidence to deduce from in 2018 that illustrates a strong viability for this career path.


As society becomes addicted to their smartphone connected through the internet, there has never been a greater opportunity to join a revolution where brands and new cultural norms are colliding.


So how viable is this venture exactly?


Let us delve into the details to explore why digital marketing is on the upward curve for fresh graduates and students.

Wide Range of Roles and Responsibilities


The phrase “digital marketing jobs” happens to be all-consuming terminology that constitutes a variety of roles and responsibilities in the corporate sector. This will be inclusive of, but not limited to:


  • Social media marketing
  • Content management
  • Marketing analysis
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Any activity that involves digital channels being utilised to reach the consumer market at large falls into this category, comprising of a series of actions and techniques that are expanding to this very day. Such a scenario only improves the prospects of job security given the potential to move up, down or sideways on the scales of digital promotion.

The Digital Trend


With close to 17 million smartphones in use within the domestic Australian market and close to 2 billion in circulation around the globe, digital marketing jobs happen to be a byproduct of a larger trend and upsurge in activity. Whilst the print industry is struggling to remain viable as they transition to a new online model, leaving television spots and radio advertisements lagging behind with brands switching their attention, young developers can source their expertise from an industry that is only heading in one positive direction.

Work-Life Balance Equation


Any individual who finds themselves within the framework of digital marketing jobs should be able to settle on a relatively healthy work-life balance. There will always be unique circumstances within companies and enterprises that place different demands on departments, but the opportunity to tap into an evolving industry that asks for creative input has proven to be more beneficial and satisfactory when compared against other professions.


Rather than working through a tired and repeated cycle of processing, these roles require professionals to identify new opportunities in the market, to utilise new forms of technology and to gauge behaviours and trends within the local economy. This is no simple 9-5 role.

Certificates and Qualifications


Digital marketing jobs can be sourced through a variety of degrees and certificates. Educational institutions around the country and overseas alike have recognised this is a field of expertise that requires study and analysis prior to entering the workforce. Akin to any other profession, the greater the source of the qualification, the more possibilities and job opportunities present themselves for that single student.

Potential to Upgrade


Individuals who opt for digital marketing jobs won’t necessarily retire with the same role they began with. Having discussed the sheer scope of duties that an employee or employer can obtain in this field, from social media managing to content writing and search engine optimisation, there will be jobs on offer in 5-10 years time that we could not even comprehend today.