Party Catering

Benefits of Event Catering

Many types of events are held and hosted by either private individuals or for corporate events, and there are a number of benefits in contracting onsite party catering for an event. These include:

  • Adherence to food standards such as food safety and hygiene
  • Time saving and convenience for event organisers
  • Selection of exceptional quality cuisine from fresh markets and organic wholesalers
  • Hassle free provision of professional and qualified cooks, chefs and hospitality staff
  • Beverage service and wait staff available
  • Provision of utensils, serving and preparation
  • Convenience of having food and beverage provided for a large number of guests
  • Flexibility in being able to provide for allergies or special diets (halal, kosher, vegan)
  • Variety of menus available, international cuisine styles and price points


Types of Events Catered For

There are many different types of events where onsite catering and hospitality would provide a huge relief and convenience to the hosts, these include birthday parties, marquee or hall weddings, vow renewals, christenings, Hindu baby blessings, LGBT weddings, corporate events, school socials, high school formals and graduations, training events, summer schools, conference catering and festivals.


Catering companies are vastly different to the yesteryear mobile spit roasting vans that offered dried and unpalatable meals on plastic plates. Now high tech mobile kitchens and classy hire equipment, along with better processes of preparation, selection, purchase and serving of food enable a much better experience for both the hosts of an event and the guests.


Due to the extensive experience on onsite cooks, they are aware of the unique demands required by offering a mobile cuisine service, for varying numbers of people. They adapt and develop their menus in response to various events, and types of venues that are being used. A beach wedding with a marquee will require the bringing in of a variety of equipment, and for example a generator may be brought on site, in order to provide power for the catering service. A catering service is already aware of these unique situations, and so can provide a huge advantage over hiring a venue in that there are no restrictions on where you can host an event because of all the mobile cooking and food preparation now available.


Remote Catering Opportunities

Modern marquees and party hire equipment, ranging from the micro wedding specialists to the remote catering for a shamanic circle meetup in the outback all require unique knowledge. An onsite or remote cooking specialist will be understanding of the nature of the event, what is currently available at the venue, and how to organise the transport and logistical operations of the food ingredients and preparation and serving equipment.


Using a party catering service gives you as an event host a lot of scope for creativity, and you can outsource the stress of providing tasteful and appealing menus for your guests regardless of the location of the event. Without location restrictions people are having events in quite unique locations, including onboard personal yachts, on large country vineyards, rainforest weddings and outdoor conferences.


Portable Convenience and Comfort Facilties

With the ability to bring conveniences for guests, including washrooms and catering equipment completely on site, events can be held generally in locations without any prior existing facilities. Large music festivals where participants camp and enjoy music in large country town showgrounds for example will benefit from large scale corporate specialist cuisine providers that can manage menus for large numbers of people.


Creativity and scope of imagination becomes more flexible and frees up the event organiser to focus on other aspects of party organisation or event management with outsourcing of food and beverage to professional caterers. Wedding event planners, corporate event managers, festival organisers and tourism officers all can envisage more convenience and variety with contracting party catering services to provide for their next gathering, whether social or business function.