great bail lawyer in Melbourne

What Services Your Bail Lawyer in Melbourne Should Provide

The only instances in which you would require a great bail lawyer in Melbourne is if you have been arrested or charged by law enforcement. Under those stressful circumstances, then you will need representation to ensure that you do not suffer in the event that all the facts have not been presented to the court.

The concept of bail has been debated among many quarters as some conceive this loophole as a means of the rich escaping from jail time whilst the poor have no means of leaving the vicinity.

What this does manage to achieve is to provide the council with a series of conditions that are placed on the charged individual. Should they pay the full amount and fail to comply with all of the conditions, then that money will be forfeited and a warrant can be issued for an arrest.

Victorian legislation will be unique to other segments in this department, but it is paramount for individuals who find themselves in these scenarios to consider their moves very carefully. The consequences for failing due diligence in this respect can be ultimately costly, for them and those loved ones around them.

In tat respect, we will outline what services your bail lawyer in Melbourne should provide to you in the event that you or someone you know has been charged or arrested.

Deciding on Course of Action

A bail lawyer in Melbourne should be skilled in the field of criminal defence as they look over the circumstances of the charges or the arrest that has led you to this point. Once contact has been made to the representative, they will outline to you the best course of action that should be taken from that juncture having taken into account all of the facts.

This will include the other interested parties, witnesses, the nature of the arrest and any other details that will be pertinent to the case. The attorney should be available and on call no matter what time of the week the incident occurs, from a working day to the evenings, weekends or a public holiday.

Application Procedure

The application procedure is a vital element that your bail lawyer in Melbourne will have to attend to. The file must be lodged with the correct legal body as it will vary depending on whether it is a local, state or federal case. That will see either the Local Court, District Court or Supreme Court involved, and that will affect the profile of the lawyer you have hired. The procedure will then follow through on the stipulations placed on the client, from being detained to conditions of release and a potential court date to follow.

Ticking the Right Boxes

The submission will need to be spot on when following the application as the bail lawyer in Melbourne undertakes their duties. This will follow through on the exact facts and nature of the arrest or charges, the profile of the individual in question including a past criminal record, their history with any similar offences such as abusive behaviour, any links to criminal organisations and other elements that the prosecution can use against the defence.

Not Violating Limitations

Your bail lawyer in Melbourne cannot violate any terms or conditions when making applications on bail or missing any important documents prevalent to the case. Any detail that is overlooked could see the court hand down stricter penalties where bailed might be denied.

Providing Ongoing Council

Whether the client is granted or denied bail, the bail lawyer in Melbourne should remain following a decision as to whether you are found to be an unacceptable risk to society. Their council will be paramount in the days and weeks to come.


As this discussion provides some further context to the role of your bail lawyer in Melbourne, it is important that you communicate with them as soon as possible. Having a bail lawyer in Melbourne in your corner is imperative when facing potential jail time as they need to be aware of all the facts to fight your case.