Why Email Should Be a Priority For Your Online Marketing Ventures

In an age where Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter are dominating so much of the online marketing landscape, it can be easy to overlook the power of email. By lacking the added features and bells and whistles that come with those social media applications, email looks to be old news.


Do not buy into that trope for one moment. Not only is it comparable to those outlets, but it carries a series of benefits that social media sites could only dream of obtaining one day.


So why invest time and resources into email marketing campaigns?

Professional Credibility


Studies and research into online marketing continue to identify email as the number one option of choice for consumers. Brands happen to build more credibility by opting for this model, given that there is a direct mode of communication to the end user whereby the business voice is showcased through their presentation to the individual. Authenticity is still a major driving factor for online success and while it is an intangible, email clearly holds favour for those that you need to impress.

More Direct and Personal Than Alternatives


A post on a timeline, a tweet or a YouTube video is nice, but it does not address the user directly. A cost efficient email marketing campaign that speaks to the individual with a direct message makes the experience more personable for the recipient, whether they would like to acknowledge that fact or not. The hardest task in advertising is garnering a response from consumers and email is the strongest means yet of achieving results.

Less Limitations


Twitter has 280 characters. Facebook has limitations. YouTube only allows so much bandwidth. Instagram only allows images or short videos. Email is essentially open slather where a brand can broadcast as much or as little as they so choose. That is a fantastic attribute that brands can leverage should they wish to offer information that would otherwise be stifled on other outlets.

Timed To Schedule


Content that is uploaded onto a timeline can be manipulated on social media feeds whereby the most recent is not always at the top of the agenda. This is different in email as companies can curate a timed schedule that optimises when their customers login and engage them immediately. Whether that is a 9am on a Tuesday or an early afternoon on a Thursday, an email marketing campaign can be crafted around the schedules of their users to drive engagement figures.